November 18th, 2007

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My life right now is not fun.

It is a long, reasonably embarrassing story for one part that I don't know, maybe I'll go into later. But mainly my dad stinks at parking, I was in a hurry in the dark, and the van was scraped. So that is not fun.

Xandor is an arrogant pig a lot. And though he completely oozes arrogance, he's not courageous enough to ask a girl out. If I weren't too angry for life right now, I would be laughing at the hypocrisy.

I have too much to do because I'm a procrastinator and that's bad.

For tomorrow:

2-3 (600-900 word) movie review for Spanish.
Regular Bio II homework.
The stupid business management scholarship page thing.
EDIT: Apparently Mrs. Brodeur's stupid busy-work, too, but she didn't really want me to do it for homework or something, so I may not do that part.

I'm really, super nervous about the movie review because it's the first piece of writing I will ever be submitting to a college course/college professor and that's really nerve-wrecking. And it has to be only up to 900 words and I have a lot to say only it's all conflicting because I loved the movie only my views on it change like every minute.

The Bio II homework shouldn't be a big deal.

The business management stuff, if need be, may be skipped. So what if there's a late assignment in that class. A) she probably wouldn't mark me off for it and B) if she did, it's just business management--so what? After all, it's a wicked easy, pointless course.

But yes. That movie review is driving me nuts. Wish I weren't so nervous.

Only I know I'll do fine, because that's what I tend to do.