November 14th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Dear Mr. Lee,

You are a jerkface. Either like me, or don't. Don't straddle the fence. I swear, YOU'LL the one to get sore, not I!

F(g(x)) you,

Dear Mrs. Cav,

I heart you so much. I love that you're comfortable enough to, when I'm talking about my mother and her dead friend, mention losing the game--and cheer me up instantly. You are amazing. And even if sometimes I drive myself crazy over-thinking every word you say and every movement you make, I'm still comfortable with you. Thank you for keeping me sane.

Hug you,

Dear Makuchan,

You make me smile when you speak to me. Thinking of Sailor Moon made me so happy. I miss you. We should hang out.


Dear Mrs. Quinn,

Thank you for making math enjoyable.


Dear Booby,

Thank you for being a hero. Your notes are funny enough to make me un-stressed for good minutes at a time. I love how much you make me laugh and how intelligent you are. I'm glad you came to sit next to me in math so long ago.

g(f(x)) you,

Dear Laura,

Thank you for helping me stay sane by going nuts with me from time to time. And joining me in knowing that Lee and Brodeur are crazybums. And being funny. And losing the game with me. And damning me. And talking about geese with diarrhea. You are a wonderful friend.

You lose the game
(and I heart you),

Dear Busy Brodeur,

You are nuts. But today you were OK even though you were completely out of your mind. At least I'm all caught up? And at least you KNOW it?

With a wave,

Dear Ms. Watson,

I like you even when you're a big cranky-pants. Because I was Miss Cranky-Pants too.


So there. Whatever is on my mind, for the moment, is off.

I finished my park management project. I will probably hit 10 minutes. Oops. I need to put an hour or two into studying for Spanish. More studying tomorrow.

It is not the worst thing in the world to get a B. I have amazing friends to cheer me up and punch me on the shoulder afterward. That's the important part.

(I'm still stressed out of my mind and a little Kiwi-lonely, but I am doing fine. I'm going to go get Mugz. Then I have a pal!)