October 22nd, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I taught a boy a few concepts of conceptual physics today.

I was banned from Gaia and I deserved it, even if it was stupid and didn't matter in the scheme of things. I think I'll stick around on Autumn ` Harp, though. If you feel like donating anything go ahead; I would love it. (The ban really wasn't for any truly harmful reason--a random GDer gave my friend his account and she used my email address and sent herself and myself items; apparently the boy had given the password to others and they had tried to get on. Something like that.) I feel horrible for going against my ethics and morals, but it was in the past and I'll just have to forgive myself and not do it the next time I am faced with the decision.

I studied Spanish with Lisa-chan. We acted out the Spanish verbs and had the other name them. It was way fun.

Yo tengo que estudiar. Pardon me if that is wrong. =).

I made an InsaneJournal but I don't know if I'll use it and I haven't customized it. May do that when I have free time.

Free time? What's that again? Caitlin may have an answer for me, but I doubt either of us had the free time to research free time. =].