October 16th, 2007

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So my brother DID have sex, the summer after 8th grade. When I was thinking about it but didn't.

Apparently he met a girl named Megan at Virginia Beach one day, randomly, when walking down the beach. And they got to know each other for three days and had sex in the downstairs outside shower.

And I'm wondering how I'm supposed to feel about this.

Because basically, I'm just pretty happy for him, because he treasures the memory. And he used the girl's condom, and from what he tells me he handled it maturely.

So basically I'm just all, w00t! But he hasn't had any since then. =P.

So he's still thinking of asking Alex (female) from youth group out.

I want to get the name of the freshman who keeps smiling at me, because she seems like she would be a really neat friend. And she's cute to boot, so that would be spifftastic.

There's a girl named Autumn at our school, but I don't know who she is--I saw it on the bathroom sign out sheet in Bio II. I think it's such a neat name.

And now time to shower, do homework, and study. Doooom.