September 26th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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After bringing Da home with Xandor's McDonalds (a trip I had to take in the middle of writing a paper) I walked out over our yard and stopped next to the trampoline. I couldn't find the moon.

I fell to my knees, my forehead hit the soft blanket of earth, and I sobbed. I cried into the earth and pressed my hands into the grass, so resembling hair.

I had this one out-of-body moment in which I thought, "If I came across this, I would think it was beautiful."

I would walk to her and rub her back. I wouldn't say anything, I would just rub. And if she fell onto me as well as the earth, I would hold.

I feel better now that my paper is done. Mum admitted that I was right and I'm not supposed to have the sticker on the rear view mirror when driving, I'm supposed to keep it in the glove compartment. Only ours is broken and opens up, so it's no surprise that the placard is lost. But she apologized for screaming at me.

I've been ignoring my SAT course, which is bad, but I don't mind. I'm getting top marks in biology. Spanish mystifies me. Exam Friday that scares me.

Mrs. Cav was cranky but fun today. She gave me her migraine sticker. I gave her a hug.