September 19th, 2007

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I woke up at five today to finish my homework, since I went to sleep last night doing homework. Took a shower first. Finished my biology homework and then my algebra homework. Dropped my brother off at the intersection and drove to school.

Welcomed Mrs. Cav. I walked toward her when she was talking with someone, so I stood off. Kleppy and Makuchan walked up with a pillow that they let me feel. Mrs. Cav finished up and greeted us--we all worked together. We got on to the subject of sleeping, and Makuchan told me how she had slept through Mrs. Cav's study the day before even though Mrs. Cav was sitting right next to her. We joked about that.

Makuchan said, "Yeah, she told me I looked sick." Mrs. Cav laughed and replied, "I did not! I asked if you were doing alright." It made me smile, since it's such a Mrs. Cav sort of thing--not "you look sick," but "are you feeling alright?" "You appear slightly pale, are you alright?" Stuff like that. We started talking about questions and I put in, "Oh! Mrs. Cav. I have the vital question to ask you. What genre novel should I write for National Novel Writing Month?"

"Sci-fi romance!" Makuchan instructed her. Mrs. Cav laughed and questioned that. She turned and said, "I think I'll vote fantasy." So I have another vote for fantasy, and told her Acer would love her forever. When we got in the Spanish room I took my hair down and slashed it around to try to get it to dry. Told Mrs. Cav about Abby's "Poofball" comment about my hair when I had been previously complaining about thick curls.

"And when have you ever listened to what Abby said?" Mrs. Cav asked me. I smiled slightly and said I sometimes, surprisingly, did and then said that I agreed with my poofball hair. Mrs. Cav asked if I braided it, that it had looked good braided, and why didn't I do that? I admitted that I wasn't very good at braiding. She said she had a whole matter of books. I asked her if she'd like to do my hair, so she said she would.

She sat me down and started braiding. "Head up. Chin up." I did so and she continued braiding. She told me she wasn't used to braiding that close to the crown--Patty (her daughter) must have had bangs. Told me I could relax a little. Asked me some question and I replied, "I had just forgotten that when someone does my hair I fall asleep," to which she responded, "By all means fall asleep. I won't be worried about how hard I pull if you're still able to sleep. In fact, I'll pull a bit harder." Her fingernails felt a bit odd but all in all getting my hair done was neat--haven't had that happen in years.

Spanish! Oh, Spanish was wonderful. She was quizzing us on numbers by writing them on the board. When she got to 42 she asked, "Does anyone know why this is a special number?" I just smiled. Then she asked, "Has anyone read Hitchhiker's Guide? Anyone?" I exclaimed, "Oh yes, yes!" and she laughed. "Do you know what 42 is?" "Oh yes. It's the Answer to the Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!" She laughed more. "Very good!" she told me. "Who was that?"

Mrs. Cav replied before I could, "It was Kiwi!" Professor Bohanan chuckled heartily and added, "Kindred spirits!" to which I looked to Mrs. Cav, who was laughing as well. It felt so wonderful. Professor raved about Hitchhiker's Guide. Apparently she's 43. Later, during activities pertaining to age, Mrs. Cav said in French (doesn't know any Spanish) that she was Pam's age (Professor Bohanan) plus 10. So Mrs. Cav is 53, and I must have misheard her long before.

Thanked her for doing my hair. Went off to Biology. We got our grades. I was told, "96 in homework. 99 classwork/labwork. 102 on quiz grade. 100 test grade. That averages to 99.6, which bumps up to a 100." She was very pleased when she said it all. "Excellent, excellent." I heard Morgan say, "I know who's doing my homework" to which Lisachan said, "Kiwi, it's you isn't it?" and I buried myself under my sweatshirt. After class I asked Mrs. Cooper if there was any trend in the incorrect answers I give for homework, if it's in the way I answer questions or just incorrectly answered. She was very amused when she went to her grade book and said that I had an A-, an A, and two A+s and that I had a 100 average so I was doing fine! But that she would check for next time.

In maths I didn't understand for a while but then I did. I really like Mrs. Quinn. At the end when I didn't understand something and she walked over to help, I immediately got it right before she said anything. "It always works when a teacher's over my shoulder!" She said over hers, "It's because calculators like us." During lunch I went to Dufault's room to drop off my stuff. Hopped in the loo, picked up food with Makuchan, and chatted. She broke it off with Kevkev and TJ asked her out. Very nice.

English was fun. Didn't pay as much attention as I should have. When I polled Mr. Dufault on what genre I should write for my Nano, he said, "Black comedy! As in dark things being funny. You have a twisted sense of humor." He told me that's why he has always liked my writing, from the beginning. Then asked if I had read a few books that I hadn't and Makuchan said she would give me one to read. He went on about how I should write that, because he can really see it happening. I'm glad he likes my writing. I didn't know he liked it that much.

Business management got me miffed 'cause we were talking about stress and all that. Eh I don't want to get in into it. I'm stressed. The end. Woodshop I just read because everyone was talking about random stuff and nothing was going on. Acer called me creepy for keeping my old hip. I was more than slightly miffed and snapped at him. Went back to greenhouse crops and Mrs. Brodeur decided to give us a quiz out of a regular sheet from her stupid little booklets. I was just filled with this feeling of complete hopelessness. It all seemed pointless.

I went to see Mrs. Cav. She gave me an "aggggh stressed" sort of smile. Short days are really hard for her, as with most teachers at the Aggie (it caught Mrs. Cooper in the middle of an example experiment). At one point Mrs. Cav was whispering everything she was saying and I whispered back, "Is there any reason that you're whispering?" "No. I suppose I'm trying not to be surprised." I informed her that she was a very silly woman and she smiled, agreeing. I added that of course I quite enjoyed 'silly.'

Ranted about stress on our way out. Talked. I wished her luck and a non-stressful meeting. "Oh, yes, just a teacher's meeting, nothing at all," she told me in a very unsure, I'm-going-to-stress-out voice. Drove home, picked up my stuff, and drove to Laura's.

I had a blast. DDR for a moment, computer, food, and a walk to the park. It was so much fun. Eeeei, really. Hugging stuff and slides and animals. There was a little goat there dubbed 'Kiwi,' but it was bullied by the other goats and it was sad. But still somewhat funny.

Stressed about whether I should go to the SAT extra math course. Booby spoke on the phone with my mother when she called. She gave me the 'future hopes and dreams' spiel. I decided to go when everyone left at 6 anyway. I got 6 wrong, but 5 of them were for stupid reading and arithmetic mistakes! So as long as I remember to read carefully and check my work very quickly, I should be fine. I got all the hard problems 'cept for one, and that one I think I get now.

I have a bad case of seniorits at the moment. Not good. It's 10:22 and I haven't done my homework. I will, of course. And I have a study tomorrow morning. I'm not concerned. I'm watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the British television version.

Oh! My songs! Mrs. Cav sent me this reply after I sent her the songs:

"I noticed your songs this morning, but didn't open them
during Spanish. You probably appreciate that.

I think they're great! Silly, too. Your voice is sweet
and surprisingly, still, soprano."

I let Mum listen to all my songs. She thought they were wonderful and is hopeful that it means we all get to sing again, or at least that she will have someone to sing with. I played stuff at Laura's too. It was fun.

Good day. Things are looking better. I'm hoping to be less of a prick. Tomorrow is exciting, even though I have to go to work. I'll lii-iiive. Shaya is fun, so it'll be fun.

Homework tiiiiime!