September 13th, 2007

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I woke up today very well. My cell alarm went off, I jumped up and turned it off, and carried on to my computer. Didn't even forget my dream. Washed up and clothed myself. Read more Silent Spring for summer reading.

Decided to drive to school last minute. Did the driving card for school so I can get one of those stickers and headed in. I went first to my locker to retrieve the book I wanted to return to Mr. Crowley and then found him on the stairs, which was lucky since I had been looking for the last few days to catch a glimpse of him. He was happy I returned the book and asked me how I liked it. I didn't read much, but I told him I had enjoyed it. He asked me how I was and told me to keep in touch, to which I replied that I would.

Moved on to the cafeteria to wait for the Rm. 8 Spanish doors to open. They did when I finished buying breakfast--a cinnamon roll. I went in and spoke with Mrs. Cav. She told me she had baked a pie last night and forgotten it in the oven, but that her husband had remembered it. She dropped it off at her father's for his birthday. She also had a migraine. I asked her if she kept a headache journal and, as I had guessed, she does.

I didn't do much for study. Re-tried number 16 of my math homework 'cause I had been lazy and not read the directions. Mainly I bounced around and we talked about stories/injuries. Moved onto Bio II. I was really nervous to get the quiz back, but I got a 100. Took notes. Onto Pre-Calc.

I'm really liking math class. Mrs. Quinn is an excellent teacher. (It helps that Pre-Calc is her favorite class to teach, too.) She doesn't make me feel stupid or anything. I'm doing well on this math, but of course it's all review.

During lunch I went to Mrs. Cav's doorway and cheered for her as she was grading. "You can do it, Mrs. Cav! You can do it!" She looked up, smiled, rolled her eyes, and went back to work. Said something, but I can't recall. I picked up lunch from the cafeteria and went back to Mr. Dufault's room with Makuchan, where we ate and spoke with Mr. Dufault. He says he thinks Summer Reading should actually just be a 'recommended reading' list sent to parents and kids to do whatever they want with, because as it is summer reading isn't for readers. Readers are going to read over the summer anyway. Non-readers are still going to jam it in right before the deadline or not do it at all.

(I haven't finished one of my books, but of course I've read lots of other stuff over the summer.) He told Makuchan that she could write about another book she had read, even if it wasn't on the list. She's going to write about some other book and Harry Potter 7, giggle. I finished up eating and ran to the bathroom to rinse my plate and hands.

I got a 100 on the English quiz as well, which I really don't understand. I didn't know the answers, or at least I was completely unsure of the entire thing. I found out people didn't do so well. I feel pretty guilty about my 100. It's nice to have Dufault again, though. I'm so excited for all the field trips. One even to Salem!

Business Management was fun. We went over notes and took a survey on "escapism" from work (which I am completely guilty of often) and then went on the computer. She taught us about Word 2007 and we had to pick a picture from the internet that describes us. She laughed when I picked a picture of a tree hugger. Then we just did paper work and stuff.

My heart project is turning out okay in wood construction, even though I'm horrible with ag. mec. At least it's smooth and remotely heart-shaped. Acer got cupcakes--I didn't want any. Mr. Richards gave us all the answers to our test. In Greenhouse Crops I almost fell asleep. Mrs. Brodeur gave us more ridiculous work (surprise). I love how she started to outline the chapter, told us she would, stopped and I guess ended up saying, "Oh, I'll just have them do it." And then gave us the reasoning that it was teamwork or something. Somehow, I doubt she had planned it.

I went over to Mrs. Cav's room and hung out. Snoopy texted a reply to something I sent yesterday when my phone was full and told me it had tried to receive a message but couldn't. Silly service. I spoke with Mrs. Cav and we took salted almonds when Mrs. Wall offered them. Mr. Cannon came up and Mrs. Cav said how she was in trouble already for calling someone a 'cabbage' (one of the phrases she knows in French) and how when asked if she knew a sophomores name and someone said it (she hadn't known) she said, "Better than what I was going to call you." Someone asked her what she had planned to say, and it was something along the lines of "honeybuns." Silly woman.

Went and did homework while the cross country kids were running. Mrs. Steele stopped by with Brady and her new dog. They're both sweeties. I finished up my science and math in time for me to go. Came home, and here I am.

Unfortunately I have both an Interweave meeting at church and, apparently, a math makeup class for the SAT course from 7-8:30. And I don't really want to do either because I want to finish summer reading and get some sleep, but I'm going to have to do one. Probably the SAT course. It's shorter anyway. But bleeeeeh, I wish I could avoid doing them. I had called Latif to ask if he had had the extra help yesterday and he said yes, so I was relieved that I didn't have to do it. But then he called back (and made fun of the way I answer the phone) to tell me that I was also supposed to go to the makeup session.

Which I really don't want to do, especially so, because I haven't done any more math work. Ooops. I guess I'll just watch and make up questions. Pick ones that look hard or something. I don't know. I'm too busy for my own good.

I don't have that much more of Silent Spring to do, and I would be able to write an essay even with what I've read. Even Mr. Dufault knows I haven't finished it yet. We both expect me to. I don't think planning the essays should be too difficult, nor should sounding as though I have read the books--since I have, and have researched one of them in multiple classes/free time.

So yeah. Life. I wish I could say tomorrow won't be stressful, but I'll have to write three SAT essays for my SAT course. Or at least two. And do some work for it and memorize words, which I already have on note cards.

Too much work. Guh. And Spanish work. Guh x 10. Ouch.

Off to see if I can call someone from Interweave.