August 27th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Snoopy's brother brought his bunny Stripey into Snoopy's room, and they let out her bunny Broadway.

After the whole affair:

Snoopy's Brother: "Why did they keep trying to get on each others back? And Broadway seemed to be biting Stripey. I don't understand."
Snoopy: [Holding back giggles.] "Oh, they're just good friends. Don't worry about it." [Leaves and enters her room again.]
Kiwi: [Looks up with an amused face.]
Snoopy: "What?"
Kiwi: [Immitates Snoopy's Brother.] "Yes, Snoopy, your bunnies are VERY good friends."
Snoopy: [Laughs.]
Kiwi: "Gay bunnies. Not so new."
Snoopy: "Maybe Broadway didn't like it, and that's why he was biting."
Kiwi: "So instead you have a Bigot Bunny?" [Thinks--or one that's into S&M]
Snoopy: "No, they're probably just gay."

Bethaloupe then informed me over IM that she had incestually gay bunnies once. We just think they're all too sexual for their own good.

I'm going home with Snoopy (we're at her house currently) and we're going to play Guitar Hero II with my brother, Merf, and her brother Ben. I guess they're both sleeping over. Xandor bought a large pizza from town pizza, too.

This should be fun.

(And gasp, look, an update!)