July 27th, 2007

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PT in the heat is unbearable. Buuuut, it's over! I'm done with official PT! I still have to do some of the exercises, but it's not so bad. And an excuse to go swimming often at Rowe. Things will work out.

One of my exercises is skipping. It makes me giggle. I have been directed to just skip around frequently 'cause it makes my muscles work quickly.

Yesterday I had my first SAT Prep course. I have to do an essay and two math sections by tomorrow. I think I'll survive.

I also got new clothes from Nora. I love them. A lot. And her mother thought I was tiny with a little waist. :P. Hearing that made me giggle.

I worked hard yesterday to find an outfit that would permit me to not wear a bra, and not have it be obvious. I succeeded, but it was basically a suit outfit minus the blazer. Even had a tie. Wasn't expecting to really leave the house until the evening... Ah well. It was fun.

Today I have lots of stuff to do that I don't want to do. I will get to it.

I finished the fourth Harry Potter book. Now I get to go to on to the third, with Luna.

I think I'll update kiwish_beat with a Morag/Susan fanfic. I'm currently working on one that Sapph prompted me to do. It's run, actually. Loads of fun.

Off I go.