July 25th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Leeeeeessee. Woke up at 6 a.m. to my ruddy giddy cell phone. Got a wonderful email from Mrs. Cav. Took a shower. Got ready. Went into Boston. We picked up my old hip first! Maria (the woman who worked at the desk) was megasupernice. She was fow. Er...full of win. Anyway, we talked about Harry Potter and dancing and hippie camp and excitement and Native Americans/Indians all in one conversation.

Moved on to X-rays. They were simple and easy. Dr. Murphy took a look at me and I was ecstatic to see that his facial expression actually changed to one of SHOCK when he was moving my leg all around. "Amazing mobility! Could you move it this much before surgery?" I shook my head. He had me walk, I walked without limp. He said I can do Aspirin instead of the blood thinners. My life rocks.

We found out on the way home that Xandor was kicked out of Rec camp for having an inappropriate conversation with twelve-year-olds. As usual, he doesn't understand what he's done wrong and didn't think to make the situation better instead of worse.

I read lots of lesbian stuff. I was giggling, 'cause I was reading it while Xandor was in the room. But he was reading Fahrenheit 451, so all was good. Then he left. I did something.

Had to get air in the tire on the way to therapy. Had a nice session. She was happy to see me authentically smiling. Gave me a hug. I showed her my bone. She thought it was interesting. I stopped at Makuchan's on the way home, but she's already at camp and will be for a long while, apparently. Oh well. See her senior year.

Oh. Mum and I stopped at a mall to look for stickers/bumper stickers for my trunk (I had a great adventure getting it down from the attic alone) but didn't particularly find any. We did find a Divinations/sticker kit that came with a crystal ball and stand. It was funny. The other things that interested me: Harry Potter Calendar (4th movie, has the Yule Ball picture with McGonagall and crew for December), the two informational side-books JKR put out (Quidditch through the Ages, the Magical Beasts one), recorder music (easily translated to flute), and a movie poster book (has a really dazzling picture of Luna amongst other things).

Came home from therapy. Online, random, stuff. Everyone else left to play tennis. I got on my birthday suit and had a ball. First I was just dancing in the moonlight (very fun) then I lit candles and incense (mmm) and then I looked up belly dancing moves. So I did those with my candle-filled altar behind me and a full length mirror in front of me.

It was really good for my hip, actually. Lots of the exercises I'm supposed to be doing. Also completely excellent for my self esteem. I'm ready for Rowe's nude swim! Even my incision isn't horrible, though of course it's still very pink and has a bit of a square around it from where I was allergic to the tape.

I threw on a long shirt and went downstairs. Talked with Mum while she made a salad and I made very sweet milk. I put loads of caramel (the kind made to put on ice cream, haha) into it and stirred, then lapped it up like a cat 'cause it was fun. And then I had it with my spoon.

Mum and I were discussing hips (I told her what I had done, she had thought it was very nice) and she told me, "No, you have a nice waist." I told her not anymore. She started lifting my shirt to check. "Mum! I'm not wearing anything under that!" She seemed to have come to the same conclusion and dropped my shirt. We continued talking. I made her try a sip of my incredibly sweet milk just to see her facial expression. It was wonderful, giggle.

I still need to: finish my packing list. clean my laundry. put everything on my bed away. pack my clothes. pack everything else. sign up for the SAT Prep course. look at when the colleges around offer their fall semester beginner biology class and sign up for one. get walkman. make sure Da ordered McGonagall hat.

Yes, Da let me get the McGonagall hat! We're splitting the cost, so I'm paying $15. But squee! It will be my official reading hat and make me very happy.

A Conversation:

scd2**: ...what a strange away message...

Auto response from The Moons Heart: Dancing around my room.


But yay!

(Dancing by candlelight is beyond fun, dearies.)

The Moons Heart: I certainly don't mean to be rude at all, but you simply have to understand that with me things usually are strange. So you'll really tire out your breath if you go on to point it out. I mean, it reminds me how strange they are. It isn't the most fun feeling, since dancing is a very wonderful thing to do and dancing with candles really shouldn't be considered strange.
scd2**: thats not what i meant
scd2**: its awesome strange, not bad strange lol
scd250: my away messages usually consist of *theres a blank here cuase i was lazy*
scd2**: *cause
The Moons Heart: Ah, alright. Mayhaps we should construct a term that means "awesome strange" that won't put a spike of pain through Kiwi upon her reading it?

And now on to writing and reading and highlighting and all.