July 22nd, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Let me repeat:


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I have the book. If you don't know what book I mean, it doesn't concern you. Chuckle.

'Hogwarts' Square was a blast. Butterbeer was neat. Was a bad Kiwi tease. Oops. Innocent face. Maybe I'll go into more detail on a later date, but I'm not sure. My memory is very off at the moment.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I wrote something.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. Thoughts of college and other scary things ate at me (not the important part in the entry, I know all the phrases to aid against college fears, but thank you, of course). I talked with Kleppy and we jokingly spoke of our friendship, being too close to start with hellos and instead jumping straight into conversation when needed. We were smiling ato our computers, I'm sure.

I felt better remembering that I had friends. Being in the Harry Potter frenzy I am, I felt like Harry Potter--that I could take on more knowing I had friends by my side. Though I would never compare acceptance into college to the threat of a Dark Lord. Giggle.

Anyway, I started a short fanfic. Susan/Morag (Morag being a character on JKR's character list and I think mentioned only by name in the book, so technically canon but completely up to anyone's imagination). I was able to get to bed having at least started something.

Today I was watching jazz at one of my church's summer services. I couldn't dance, so I channeled all my energy into my right leg and let it bounce lightly up and down at an incredibly fast rate. It helped calm my need to dance--I have far too much dancing energy for when I can't dance (yet. Soon!). Some people say, "Save it!" I give them an odd look and try to explain that if I saved it, I would explode. I am in no great need of dancing music. It replenishes itself more times during a song than anyone I know, save for maybe two people--both of whom I've had the pleasure of dancing with.

I pictured McGonagall doing something similar with her excitement, when trying to remain stolid and stern. I went on to think of what Hooch might do if she caught McMin doing it. It gave me the idea for a fanfiction.

The point of this entry is:

I wrote it. It's the first thing I've written and completed in a long time, save for one chapter in a high school novel.

It's 8 pages long and just seven words over 4,500 words. I'm just so happy to have finished something. It doesn't have exactly the right voice, the vocabulary is lacking, but it's DONE and it came out of ME.

I'm very happy.

In around 10 minutes I'm off with Merf to meet up with people at the center of town for the concert on the common.

Also, my cell phone died. I have a 'new' old one that I actually really quite like. I'm not at all picky. Anyway, I lost most numbers. I have some from Mum's cell. If you could email me your numbers (if I had them before and you're comfortable with it) to serenity.oak@gmail.com as well as any calling restrictions. (Meaning, "Call me only if you're dying on my doorsteps," to "Call me any time, I practically don't sleep and love talking!")

EDIT: My cell phone? Chyeah, it has a background of fireworks and underneath, my banner is "KittyHawk <3". It makes me smile every time.

EDIT TWO: Annnnd? It blinks all the colors on the outside whenever anything happens, so it's like a rainbow and I heart it.


(And I know I'm going to get requests for the fanfic. Think I should put it up in my writing journal? I was thinking about it, but no one really noticed it when I put stuff up. Save for Beans and Shoe, of course. <3.)