July 19th, 2007

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I still haven't quite managed to sleep through an entire night without waking up. Yesterday was not up there on the list of good attempts.

Yesterday Mrs. Cav came over. It was fun. :). Of course we mentioned Harry Potter, and when I was talking about houses and how I think they all have their good traits I got onto Slytherin. I said they're very good at 'working people,' though not always in the Good way. She giggled and said, "Coughabbycough." I mentioned that I didn't think she'd quite learned how to actually work people, and she agreed. We both hoped Abby would find her niche. It was quite amusing.

I showed her my room. She thought it was neat.

Today the engine stalled cruising down Chestnut street--I only noticed 'cause the lights that come on when the key is in but the car isn't on yet came on. (You're nuts to accelerate down Chestnut St. when coming from Franklin--it's all down hill and it takes an actual effort to stay at 35 mph.) I tried to turn into the driveway but of course the wheel was now very hard. I got myself mostly off the street, though. It turned on alright when I was back in park and I was able to get up the driveway.

Still, annoying. Because now I'm going to be afraid it'll stall again if I go anywhere and Mum will have to go get it checked out with Mechanic-Guy Dave.

Xandor made me breakfast today. It was neat. I think he's going to try to get me to play World of Warcraft. I think I'm going to agree.

The nurse came as well. It'll be my last time seeing this nurse since she's going on vacation next week and then I'll be off at Rowe when she comes back. When she pricked my finger the blood zoomed down it--too fast for anyone to catch with the machine, so we had to prick a second finger. (Can't use second drop from the same finger or it'll have already started to clot.) The first one really stung for a while. The second one wasn't horrible, but of course they both bled a lot with my blood so much thinner than it normally is.

Still, I was only at 1.5 despite that it looked so incredibly thin and came out so quickly--the second finger gave a VERY large drop of blood. So that was a bit disappointing. And I'll probably have to stay on Cumadin (or however it's spelled) for the full 6 weeks, which means 2 weeks into camp--and that stinks. Especially since it means I would probably have to go to a lab twice a week to get blood drawn. I mean, grrrrr.

Arlene suggested I ask about switching to Aspirin, since that's what some people do. Then the blood still to be taking 6-8 pink pills a night or whatever.

Also, I'm not supposed to mention that I'm leaving the house and can drive. She and Nancy never mind, but some of the nurses they work with are very strict--if you can drive, you can go to the lab and don't need an in-home nurse to come. But Arlene had decided to stay on since Nancy (PT) was.

When I mentioned the Harvard Sqaure Harry Potter gathering, she mentioned that her son would really love to hear about it even though he was working. She talked about him more at the end. He's 18 and works at the CVS a town over, apparently. He loves Harry Potter. She said that we would really get along. She giggled and said, "So if you ever wanted a boyfriend..."

I tried to giggle naturally. I really, really did. Because hey, it WAS funny. But yes, boyfriend for Kiwi...not so much.

Now I'm off to do whatever! Yaaaay!

And I'm swimming in Harry Potter fanfic story ideas. Uh-oh! They'll be written later, I'm sure. Lots and lots of them.