July 17th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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My fortune cookie:

"An old broom knows where the dirt is."

Now pardon me, but being in such a Harry Potter frenzy for the last months and certainly weeks, I couldn't think of anything but Madam Hooch.

And then I thought of lovely Professor McGonagall.

And I just CAN'T help it, but HELLO--fanfic material.

Why is it that I continue to think of McGonagall and Hooch as pranksters, at least when it comes to the other?

Moments ago, Mugz hopped up into my lap. I kissed his back.

"He rolled in a dead snake, you know," Mum told me. She was reclining on my bed.

"Is that so?" She nodded. I smelled his neck. "Smells it," I remarked.

"Must be part of becoming a Slytherin," I said. When I found the correct word in my mental dictionary, I added, "Yes, hazing, that's it! It's the Slytherin hazing ritual for all the first years."

I love living in a Potter family.