July 16th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Time for a music post, inspired by Snoopy's Konstantine entry.

I don't really feel I can put my feelings/events/life into words at this moment. I'll try after the lyrics, but it won't be in my long paragraphs, probably.

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Sunday I went to Pantaxi's party. Eater, McSpleeny, and I talked about plant science and joked a lot. Twiony came and we swam to the island. I didn't use a flotation device.

I was hit in the head by a wasp gall. The plant majors laughed.

We swam back. Ate, floated, talked about school and life and the future.

Pantaxi looked up when she got a slinky from McSpleeny and said, "Hey Kiwiii, guess what I got." I looked up and groaned. Winced. We joked about transverse and longitudinal waves. Giggle.

Then I went with Snoopy, Anni, and Amanda to get ice cream at the Ice Cream Machine. Got my orange-sherbet-in-sprite combination. Had fun. Went to Christine's, she gave me the choker. I was tired. Then I was dropped off at home and slept upstairs for the first time in a while.

Today Sam (Xandor's friend from childhood who moved to Pennsylvania and is a problem child) came. He's still condescending and annoying. I'm not stupid, boy. Mum had me hide the narcotics because he steals.

I wrote to Ms. Watson, since she wanted me to. It only took me three weeks, haha. Now I'm thinking about writing. Write or read? I think I'll write first.