July 7th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I decided to stop ignoring my livejournal until I have my big long hospital post up, as I had been doing.

Short entries, probably. I'm in a short-entry mood.

I have to finish my online gunk, go hop into the shower (way harder than usual, frown), and then call Arah to give her the green light.

Then I get to relax on my bed while she's on her way and then we get to hang out! She's bringing a gift basket for me, squee. And it has books. Squeepooshyaaaaay.

I want to go somewhere with air conditioning. Get out of the house and see the world again. Or at least the bookstore or some place nifty like that.

Mum will be happy when I go in the shower because it means she gets to fix my sheets. They are all over everywhere and I basically slept on my mattress. She doesn't understand that when I say I can sleep almost anywhere, it is true. My preference being the earth.

TV-Links has been making my life lately. Scrubs is also amusing. I like Dr. Cox.

Time to get on that internet gunk.