June 14th, 2007

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Alright everyone! Ready for another long Kiwish update? We'll see what I can scrounge up.

I really should get rid of my snooze button. I've hit it five times before I even realize I've hit it once, and suddenly it's 6:30 rather than 6:00. This would not happen quite so often if I gave myself a reasonable bed time...but I have three more days of what could be considered "academic days" (and teachers, you've got a long groan ahead of you if you think your dearest, darlingest students will ACTUALLY treat them all as academic days) and then our fancy half-day-to-hang-out. I predict sobbing into Mrs. Cav's collarbone again, but probably harder this year.

And then? TWELVE DAYS UNTIL HIP REPLACEMENT. Everyone at school knows the count down. But yes, back to my terribly interesting day.

I finished my trialge evaluation sheets and drove to school, 'cause Mum stumbled in with her hair frazzling everywhere and her robe all over the place mumbling, "Kiwiiii, would you mind driving today? Tennis in evening. Prefer to have Earney pick up. Thanks. Bye." So I drove to school again.

Mrs. Cav was there when I got there. Went in, we chatted, then chemistry people came in to do work/take quizzes. I did more trialge work from people's projects yesterday. When the bell had rung and everyone had filed out, I stayed to tell her that my head was screwed on wrong. Like a light bulb that wasn't set correctly but was still producing light--safety hazard! She laughed, I ran to flowde. It was time for a flower ID quiz. Acer told me, "Haha, I don't have to take it 'cause I got a 100 last time and you got a 99." I think my response may have been to laugh in his face while I was also braiding my hair and studying. He told me I had the 99 curse. I informed him that I was quite pleased with that, since prior to the 99 curse I had the 98 curse and that was a step more annoying. I took the quiz, came back, checked my stuff, and think I got a 100. He decided he needed to work on his black magic because his curse wore off to quickly. I gave him the 'Kiwi Eye' which is apparently a fierce and vicious look. (He and Mrs. Brodeur tell me I have it. I have never seen it. I think it is merely a theory.)

We watched Pursuit fo Happiness in Cardep. Makuchan was superbly miffed with Courtney for taking her seat. We talked her out of it so we could all sit on the heater. I started the story someone on writerscafe wanted me to do. Then we had...botany!

<3. Ms. Watson said to tell us when she called our name if we wanted the grade we got on the final spoken aloud. She got through multiple 70s, a few 60s, and into some 50s as well. (Makuchan got an 84, I'm so proud of her!) When she got to me she looked up. "Kiwi?" I looked to my desk and replied in a very small voice, "I guess..." "100." Then she moved on. Acer got a 94, and I think Danielle was the only other one to get in the 90s. I was completely shocked with my grade. My mouth actually stayed open--I didn't know that happened. I did it! I got a grade higher than my 97 average! I got a 100 on a botany final! I tried to help out when she assigned chores, but when I tried to walk my leg kept giving out so I would end up kneeling on the ground instead. Somehow I manage to make my falls look intentional. I told Ms. Watson I had to get rid of my joint medication since it's less than two weeks before surgery. She told me to take it easy.

Apparently Mrs. Brodeur refused to teach a bunch of classes, and is now complaining about the 5 prep periods she was given. Ms. Watson was ranting to Mr. Nelson, who ranted back. When she came in I looked up at her and said, "I like to pretend I'm great even though I'm not." I raised my eyebrow at her to say, 'excuse me? You ARE great.' Then I wrote her a long letter one side of printer paper. Thanked her for staying with me for the three years. Teaching me about plants and yadda yadda...it was pretty emotional, but not TOO much because she IS Ms. Watson after all. We then saved a spider as a team. She seemed very happy with life in general.

Physics we worked on the lab and figured things out. Then it was lunchtime so I worked on physics a little more, got food, and ate while watching Mrs. Cav with her chemistry students. Everyone hangs out in her classroom now. Oops. I told her Ms. Watson and I had saved another spider. She said, "Oh, that's neat. I didn't know you didn't like spiders" which meant she had read the email I sent yesterday. I said, "I don't really dislike them, I just fear them. I love spiders." Then off to history. I studied for English and we laughed with Mr. Crowley. McSpleeny and Booby messed with the smartboard while it was 'off' and Mr. Crowley called out, "Hey, you're messing me up! I have blue scribbles on my screen now!" and we all laughed.

The English exam wasn't horrible. Had to know some information on Alice Walker and about dates and awards. Some literary terms and how they applied to the book. That was a walk in the park. Even the questions on themes were EASY, they just took a while--paragraph each, adding up to quite an essay. So the last three I had to really scribble down. I think I did alright. In math Makuchan did her presentation and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed myself. I think she'll get a good grade.

Talked with Mrs. Cav. Mrs. Czyrk came in to tell me about studying for the final (give me tips) and then left. Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Hall we were walking down the hall. Mrs. Steele was acting like quite a student. :). She's a laugh. At one point she sang, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" to the student playfully giving her trouble down the hall. She even did the little hip-thrust motion. At that, I heard laughter coming from Mrs. Cav's room and went back in. Said goodbye after that. Asked her as she was getting into the car if the lab was due Friday or Monday, and if we had to do both sections or just as much as we had finished. She gave me the, 'oh, overachieving students...' look as she answered, rolling her eyes a bit. Silly woman.

I saw her at the admin. building while I was driving out and I thought I would die if she saw me driving. :P. On the way home I stopped at the soccer fields, just because I had the urge to. I haven't been there since I fractured my hip.

They've ripped it up. I think I see the beginning of a baseball field and all. It's happy, sure, but my heart sank. I had to remember that even while the area was being changed, my memories were still inside of me. The field I played my last soccer game on is gone. I pulled around to the other side of what was once a large rocky parking lot in the center of fields. My favorite field is weedy and looks unused. I listened to the birds, then sat down and talked to the field. I pressed my hands to the earth and imagined myself to be sending all my memories of the place down into the soil and earth and plants and everything in the area. I even remembered that I had played MLS soccer camp on the fields with the British soccer instructors.

I just got an email from Mrs. Cav. "You look good driving a car. I was just leaving the admin building when you drove by. What a difference from that first driving lesson!" Blush blush!

I'm home now and ready to do some school work, actually. I don't really want to hang around online. Maybe just blast some weird music and scribble down my stuff (scribble meaning write meticulously and with great neatness, of course).

Mrs. Cav asked if I would want to have us meet some time before surgery for lunch or a mall trip. I'm glad she asked first, since I was really thinking about it but didn't know when/how I would ask (I knooooow she'd think me silly for that). So yes, I told her I was thinking about what would work out and all.

Muggzzey is barking at nothing. Silly pug. I'll take it as my signal to stop writing in this oddball journal of mine.