June 12th, 2007

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Morgy keeps demanding an update to entertain her, so I'll update. I don't think it will be very entertaining. I don't feel like going into the past directly, but if it comes up I'll mention facts...

Woke up at six today and did ear drops, then showered and got on the bus. Sat and listened to music with Pantaxi. I couldn't find Mrs. Cav in the morning even though her car was there, so I walked to the cafeteria and hung out with Kleppy, Bethaloupe, Aya, and Makuchan a bit. Then ate a small breakfast (really wish they would get healthier stuff there), drank a Yoohoo, and went on my way. Saw Mrs. Czyrk and talked to her in the hallway about Icca and how she keeps missing class. We're both reasonably cross.

I felt a general tug toward the teacher's closet at the end of Kemp Hall and used an educated guess to arrive at the conclusion that Mrs. Cav was probably in there. I took out my book (The Glass Castle) and started reading. An angry sophomore threw something into the trash quite harshly. I waited. When Mrs. Cav appeared, she gasped to see me directly across the hall. She smiled and walked over, asked about the book. We talked and then went into the room. I don't remember really what we talked about. I found a little caterpillar on my sleeve and we laughed about it, then I ran out, put it on a tree, and came back in. Booby and the gang were quite amusing when I went out there.

Went off to career development. We went to the library--I'm partners with Brittles. I wish she wouldn't be so meek all the time. She didn't used to. I feel like I'm stepping on her when I don't even mean to, and she won't stand up for herself. Her voice is just so small. I feel horrible that it actually miffs me. What's up with that? I wish I didn't get annoyed, of all things. I just want to help her out. I don't know why I don't deal well with people who act meek. When she's around teachers or it has to do with doing school work or answering questions or taking a turn at something, she acts meek. When it comes to COMPLAINING about all that? Nothing can stop her from being utterly outspoken. I guess that's what miffs me most, really. The comparison.

In greenhouse we organized pots for a while, but then my hip and knee gave out (I had to stop taking my joint medication 'cause it's two weeks before the surgery and they don't want it in my system thinning the blood). I had to go sit down. Talked with Makuchan and Kleppy about the collaboration we want to do about levitating pond mermaids. We continued the conversation in boty, during which Makuchan decided the only male mermaid allowed was her friend TJ. Her friends are usually the only ones allowed. Sometimes that really gets to me.

In phics Pantaxi and I worked on the lab. It was actually a bit of fun. Mrs. Cav came over and was proud of us. Makuchan and Kleppy had to make colored ice (red and blue) for their experiment, so at the end they were sucking on them to turn their mouths colors. Mrs. Cav looked up. "Are you really eating those?" "Yeah, we were done." "But the sticks came from some random drawer!" I put in, "Oh, they've had worse." Makuchan said, "Yeah, I ate a worm last week," which was followed by Kleppy's "And I chew on pennies I find on the ground." I went over and asked them, "What did Mrs. Cav's face look like when you said that?" They said they couldn't tell, it was behind the monitor. She was smiling up at us. We tried to imitate what her face must have looked like. For some reason, I just felt like joining in. So when no one was watching I summoned them over and they let me suck on the cubes so my mouth turned purple.

Pantaxi ate lunch with me. We went over to the caf, got food, and came back. She didn't have anyone to sit with at lunch since she wants to avoid Kleppy and Makuchan and doesn't want to sit with the boys who are constantly getting in trouble or with Courtney. While eating, I managed to drip grape juice on my shirt. A very Kiwi move there. Then I was stuck with the tray and the plate, so I brought them to history.

We did jeopardy. My team lost badly, but with the three-way tie (we were the only losers) I knew all the answers, so that was neat. Since the tie-break round was about Mr. Crowley rather than history.

Maths was horrible. The presentations were alright, except for Danielle's. Mrs. Czyrk said that flat out. Danielle had had around 5 minutes, rather than 13. Mrs. Czyrk explained how disappointed she was on the whole, and so during the next to presentations I cried. I'm so ashamed of my presentation (it wasn't so bad concept-wise, and I did put a lot of effort into it...but I got so nervous knowing how others did, and then the clock was wrong, and I was down 7 minutes 'cause it was changed from 20 mins to 13...) I just didn't do well. At the end of class I went up to her and apologized for disappointing her. I hate disappointing teachers above most other things. She thought maybe we weren't doing so well with this because the math class didn't like each other. The class she had compared us to from last year had really liked each other, so each one had been better than the last to really try to help each person out.

English was alright. Mrs. Hoeg made me laugh. I sent her my personal essay last night and she had sent me a humorous email in return. One of the things I had mentioned was asking her if she would please scribble all over my paper with her lovely red pen, and rip my essay apart. Her first line on my paper was "Ha! It's green!" in green pen. She had done the editing in green. Some parts were over the top, some needed a little simplicity, but she liked the ending and thought with some edits it would do. We took and graded a quiz, then watched the movie.

Talked with Mrs. Cav. She reassured me and gave me a hug even though Mrs. Wall had come in, saying she had just been given a load of zinnias from Ms. Watson. "Zinnias!" Mrs. Cav had repeated with a bright face. "That's exactly what I was looking for!" Mrs. Wall had brought her purse from plant science, for Mrs. Cav had apparently left it there. I saw Mrs. Czyrk in the hall and I was looking down, so she said not to take things so personally and I said I couldn't help it, it meant too much to me. She doesn't think I've ruined my grade. But considering that for me to ruin my grade I would only need to get below a 90...it's probably possible. But I will get it back up with my final, homework, and notebook check if it kills me.

Cried on half the busride home. Read the other. Mum asked if I was in one of those "not talk about school" modes and I said yes, so we didn't talk. I went upstairs, came back down. Mum fed me. Did ear drops, realized I'm out of them, will get yelled at. Read while doing that, then took a nap. Woke up, cleaned while being online and listening to music and role-playing, and here I am.

Role-playing with Ferenelsee (she's awesome), chatting, and about to study for my botany final.

I'm worried about it. I'll organize my stuff tonight and glance at it(along with history), study for the hour tomorrow morning some more before I get on the bus tomorrow morning, then whatever time I have between. Hopefully I'll do alright. I really want to. I have a 97 in the class. It would be nice to keep that up.

Yeah. So, main worry math grade. But really? It's not that important. I have 2 weeks until hip replacement. That is life changing. That's a big deal. Dropping a few points from a 94 in math and having to work hard to make it up? Not such a big deal. And if I get, gasp, an 80-something? Yeah, I'll be super disappointed. I will cry. But it will average well with my other grades, and I will survive it. Math isn't THAT important.

I'm tired. Time to organize my boty stuff.

Here's my entry, Morgy. Sorry--it REALLY isn't exciting.