May 15th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today I woke up very confused. I felt as though I was in the wrong place. I think I had the remote wish to be in a pair of soft arms, so I'm thinking that's only because I had a companion in my dream (though I can't remember it). Sadness. Oh well. My alarm was funky, then I hopped in the shower. I came back and found an email from Mrs. Cav hoping I had woken up with a smile. What a sweet woman. :).

Got all dressed up and then realized it was PJ day and I had promised Makuchan and Kleppy I would wear PJs. So I threw PJ pants over my jeans and threw a PJ shirt and my Rowe Bear CareBear into a bag with Kleppy's dress. Janis'd it up on the bus. Gave Kleppy the dress. Hung with Mrs. Cav.

Didn't finish my corsages in floral design. I didn't like them. I'm not a flori major, though, so that's fine. Acer is still convinced I am a kender. I am wondering why things that "disappear" end up in my belongings. It is peculiar. Took the quiz in Ms. Watson's class and I think I did pretty alright. We walked around campus and she squished an insect's little house 'cause it was invading one of the trees. Mrs. Brodeur gave us a silly quiz on flowers. I got all but the third one right, which was petunia--we hadn't covered petunia. Then I went out to the dog show and sat next to Cat.

Phics was very silly. I had done the extra work last night, so those who don't work in the class--Kleppy, Makuchan, Eater, and Tofu sometimes--giggled along with me. I was singing the Lion King songs at the beginning of class. Then Spice Girls came into my head and we all laughed again. "If you wanna be my lover..."

Lunch was alright. Did the brainstorm sheet for Mrs. Hoegler and Mrs. Cav didn't talk much. At the end she was correcting the paper of a girl who hadn't done very well, so I let her hug Rowebear and she laughed. History was normal--notes and then talking. Bethaloupe borrowed my flashlight (I carry one in my purse so I can read and write in the dark, silly Kiwi) to check her throat. Booby threw poor Rowebear and I glared at him but forgave him instantly. :P.

We went to the library in maths, but I didn't feel like using the computer with a headache or really doing any work at all. Instead I hung out with Makuchan and Kleppy in a sketchy corner. Grabbed three books--Sacred Trees, a book on Buddhism, and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, which I'm wicked excited to read. Icca came by and dropped off a little sheet on the 4th dimension to help me with my project. Mrs. Gilmore had a nice time teasing me and much fun was had.

English was surprisingly alright. I kept reminding myself not to fall into a bad attitude, and when my headache got bad I took some meditative 6-4-1 breathes. I calmed right down and was surprised to feel that my look towards Mrs. Hoegler was curious once again. I helped her pass things out and had a good time grading. Listened to her stories about college essays. It was nice, but I still don't know what I'm going to do it on. I have plenty of ideas. I don't want to make it a sob story, though, which is hard at the moment. Not that I'm actually going to use her personal essay as my true college essay. I'll want to do mine next year, when I have a new hip and my life has changed completely again.

Non-exciting bus trip. Mum picked me up at Wampum corner and gave me a weird bowl of food that's new to KFC, 'cause she had eaten there. Came home and did my homework. Wrote, like, two paragraphs. Did my flori sheets so I won't have to do them later--they're due Friday. Wanted to dance around but can't.

I love everything being so green! The sunlight shining through the dappled, newly-birthed leaves is beautiful. I think the trees are relieved to have pushed their leaves through their buds, to have the bud scales off and their freedom attained once again. The birds are certainly very pleased, soaring all about and singing harmoniously. What scenes. Nature makes me thankful, humbles me. My problems slip away and I am one with the earth again, one with my complete being.

I've done my online stuff now. Haven't really talked to anyone, but I've managed to remain happy! I was truly happy through the day and it remained so while home. That surprised me. Pashi didn't call me, but that's okay. I'm sure she was doing something. I'm excited to see her soon. I hope she calls soon. I hope she can make it to Ferry Beach.

Time for some writing. I'd like to work on my novel again with a little quiet TV. Got my music working. Tomorrow is rainbow day! Haha, I'm going to dump the rainbow content of my dresser and closet onto my floor and see how much of it I can get on for tomorrow. :P.

Happy day!

Kiwi = naturally silly girl. And proud!
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