May 14th, 2007

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What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

Kind Slytherin (Trapped In The Right House For The Wrong Reasons):House: SlytherinBest Friend(s): Draco, Blaise, and Cedric.GryffindorsHarry: Isn't friends with you, but wishes he was.Ron: Asked you to stay at his house for the summer, claiming it was part of a "school experiment".Hermione: Admires your ability to break free from common school steroetypes.Oliver Wood: Has had a crush on you ever since you came to one of his Quidditch games wearing Gryffindor colors (the match wasn't against Slytherin, though).Fred and George Weasley: Aren't you're close friends, but not distant ones either. You hang out with each other during school, but not over summer.Seamus Finnigan: Tries to impress you so that you'll like him.Neville Longbottom: Wishes Ginny were as kind as you are.Dean Thomas: Doesn't know you very well, but still likes your companionship.Ginny Weasley: Thinks that if you were her friend, she would be more popular than ever (so she's constantly and annoyingly by your side).Parvati Patil: Laughs at your jokes and comments even when they're not directed anywhere near her.Padma Patil: Wonders if she would be like you if she were in Slytherin.HufflepuffsCedric Diggory: Met you when he was in third year when he accidently bumped into you and knocked you down. He was surprised when you apologized, and ever since you've been almost inseperable.RavenclawsCho Chang: Doesn't know that you're kind because she avoids you.SlytherinsDraco Malfoy: Envies that you know how to express your feelings to everyone. He wishes you would teach him to be more like you, even if he doesn't act like it on the outside. He tried to ask you out once, but you weren't falling for his slick charm (you know him better than anyone else).Crabbe: Only knows who you are because of Draco's rantings.Goyle: Same as Crabbe.Pansy Parkinson: Thinks you're a disgrace to the house of Slytherin.Marcus Flint: Worships the ground you walk on.Blaise Zabini: Is your best friend after you spilled your heart out to him outside near the lake. He found it amazing that you hated to be judged and disliked only because you were in Slytherin. Recently, he's tried to get you to notice that he wants to be more than your friend, but you never notice because Cedric or Oliver always manage to steal you away.TeachersDumbledore: Is extremely proud of the way you've handled your situation.Professor McGonagall: Doesn't know you very well, but sees past the stereotype of your house and treats you kindly.Professor Flitwick: Admires your skills in his subject.Professor Trelawney: Secretly hates that you are more liked than she is.Professor Snape: Adores you, even though you aren't cruel and evil.Filch: Ignores you because he's jealous of you're popularity.
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I like it. I like it a lot, actually. I always have so much trouble thinking about what house I would be in, so I basically gave up. I think I would work in any house. That combination? I really like it. A kind Slytherin against stereotyping. Works for me.

I'll make a serious post later. ('cause I know Morgy loves my angsty eljay entries. Probably about as much as she hates that nickname. :P.)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Last night I decided to actually get some sleep. I'll probably do that tonight after I finish this entry.

I woke up and got ready and all that jazz. Bus with Pantaxi was faaaab. I played with her puppy, Roo! Roo enjoys licking everything. Then I got in and ran to Makuchan and Kleppy. They immediately commenced staring at my chest. They have wanted me to show some cleavage for a long time. So today I did. It was really bizarre, 'cause it makes me remember that I have a rather large chest. So when I would look down I would see only a line, and Kleppy pointed out that someone else could see nice cleavage, and she traced what she could see. It's funny how something like that can be so non-sexual with those two.

Saw Mrs. Cav briefly and then onto Mrs. Brodeur's classes. She gave us all two crazy quizzes to pick out of three, and I don't think I did very well. A lot of guessing. Makuchan and Kleppy discussed my chest and asked, "So you won't mind our staring at it while you're talking? And while you're not?" And poking it. We always poke each others chests. It's no wonder everyone thinks we're lesbians (when really, only one third of us is!). Also, I am apparently Makuchan's sidekick--her hero being "Safety Emo." I am "Apocalypse Acorn" and a very intelligent sidekick dressed scantily in leaves, acorns, and flowers. Kleppy is the arch nemesis "Evil Marshmallow" or something similarly silly.

Mrs. Brodeur left third period with an emergency with her kids. I hung out with Makuchan and Kleppy in the greenhouse reading. When I met Tas the kender in my book I laughed out loud. Acer was so pleased--he believes that I am secretly a kender. (Wikipedia them!) I went to the nurse with Bethaloupe and was late for fourth period with Ms. Watson, but I had a pass. We went outside and weeded 'nd all. The trowel ended up in the pocket I didn't know I had. Acer was amazed.

Phsyics was alright. We got our grades. Pantaxi told me she had her least favorite number as a grade and I said, "Oh, that stinks" and she thought I meant her grade, so I felt bad. :[. But I didn't mean her grade. Then Icca came over asking whose grade I had and what it was, so I said it was mine and that she didn't need to know. Then Mrs. Cav came over and handed me mine so I said to Icca, "There, that's Pantaxi's!" I wouldn't give Icca the grades. Mrs. Cav came over and snagged them both, then walked away. We laughed. Neither of us wanted our grade so Mrs. Cav ripped up Pantaxi's upon request, and then when I threw mine away without ripping it up she walked over and did it. I got a 98 on my test. I like that, but of course I lost the 2 points for a stupid thing--didn't answer a question fully when I knew all the information.

Hung out with Morgy and Kelly at lunch. We have decided we are sick of being single.

Hers was regular. Then I had a maths quiz I had forgotten about, and it was open book but it still scared me out of my mind. We had to do 20 out of 30 problems. I hope I did alright. I think I did. Then English and I had to take the exam. Her questions always sound like trick questions, or they're all confusing...I got an 82, and that's horrible for me. If it had been fill in the blank instead of her "easy" (they're not at all easy, she just thinks they are) multiple choice I probably would have had a 95 or above. They're almost impossible.

Talked with Mrs. Cav before getting on the bus. Nothing all that important. Talked about English 'nd all. Got onto the bus, ranted with Pantaxi and McSpleeny about Mrs. Hoegler and how we have to write that personal essay and then have a conversation with the teacher about it instead of her grading it. How self-conscious we'll be and how we don't want it to be personal. But I felt really horrible saying such bad things when at the same time, I still like Mrs. Hoegler. I decided I would write her an email.

Got into the car off the bus and said to Mum, "It smells like food." Smiled. "Oh, it smells like Panera!" and Mum said it was uncanny, 'cause she had run into Panera and scarfed down food and then had to hide it because she had forgotten to get me some, so she cleaned it all up and all. But then I smelled it right off anyway. We stopped at Dave Needs and Mum talked a lot. Then she went to Dunkin Donuts. Not a pleasant visit.

Got home, no internet. Read a little. Took a little nap. Did homework. When the internet started working I sent the apology/offer-of-help email to Mrs. Hoegler that I had written up. I got a reply later--she thanked me and said she would most probably take me up on the offer. Other online stuff, like reading and chatting and all.

Haven't cried tonight. I'm pretty amazed at that. Mum came in and checked up on me about a movie, and wondered if I was down or anything. I said I was how I normally was, and she pointed out that sometimes I'm depressed and stay in my room and sometimes I'm alright... but normally I stay in my room anyway, or outside. I wish I could stay outside more. I like nature.

Pashi is home and I'm going to try to help her find a way to get up to Ferry Beach since her family didn't sign up. It's next week! So excited.

Whatever else there is I've forgotten. Feel free to remind me. :P.