April 30th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am delighted by your passion and ambition. You take nothing for
granted--admiring and appreciating the world around you and also extending
yourself to places outside your 'comfort zone'. You are mindful,
adventurous, centered, and kind. A true woman of integrity!

Fare forward, traveller!!!

with love,

I don't think my eyes could have grown any wider.


Oh my.

I'll go do homework now. :).
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I'm back on the Kiwi Roller Coaster. Up, down, up, down, up.

It was a good school day today. Giggled with Mrs. Cav. In the morning she was listening to me while resting her head on her gradebook on the table. I liked it. I like seeing her so human.

It's interesting watching her transform from KS Mrs. Cav into chem/phics Mrs. Cav and back again. Sometimes painful, just with how formal she gets. She's the most formal teacher I have, even without the friendship being taken into account. She always looks so worried when she's teaching physics. I wonder why I don't remember her being this way when she taught us chemistry.

Anyway, we had a good time and ended on a good note. I said before I left, "We're good, then?" and though she was confused for a minute, we agreed we are. She didn't understand why I asked. I don't completely, but it was a feeling I had. That things were strained. They don't seem so much anymore since I'm keeping her updated on my life again. I made her pinkie swear we're alright, really just for the laugh. :). She did laugh. I was glad.

She asked, "So that's how it goes?" I nodded and replied, "Yup. I either do that or the hand-thing the boy in...oh, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night did." Then I showed her, when we press opposite hands so our fingers are all together and then slowly spread out our hand in unison, touching the whole time. That that was what the boy did when he wanted to say 'I love you' or give someone he loved a hug, because he couldn't handle touching really but he could handle that. So now she's in on that little thing I do. :D.

I spent hours coming up with a name for my new writing journal and fiddling around with it. I did get a name but didn't manage to get it looking good, so I won't put the link up yet. Snoopy's hopefully going to help me with the layout 'nd junk. I hope to be using it by the weekend.

I got really emotional after and felt I was going to break down. I really wanted to get out of the house. I feel really safe at Snoopy's house, so I called her up to see if I could go over. She said yes so I drove there. I wasn't very stable, though, so I messed up getting there twice. Drove halfway to her street and thought I was going the wrong way, went to the junior high, then back again. At least I'm comfortable with driving. Possibly even like it (but don't tell anyone).

Did some homework. Not as much as I probably should have--didn't put myself ahead of the game--but I'm alright. It won't kill me. Wrote up the skeleton for my thank you notes for the people who saw me in England. Also finished chapter four of my high school novel, which is fun. On to chapter five. Left a copy of what I've done so far with Snoopy so she can read it.

Tonight I looked up at the moon and knew it was almost full. I get really emotional when the full moon comes. It starts a little early and ends a little later. It's also when my body/mind/soul starts preparing for my moontime.

Mum used to call me "Moongirl" because I hit my first moondays exactly on a full moon. The moon has always affected me strongly.

Tomorrow I have to drive to school because I have my annual physical after school. That also means dropping Xandor off at school. I'm hoping to get to school early so I can do some extra work.