April 18th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

East Anglia

Yesterday we found out I could use Writtle as my safety school.

Today I had my tour around East Anglia. I love it. It's completely opposite from the Aggie, but that's what I'm looking for. I want a change. It's got multiple levels of concrete walkways up in the air, 13,000 students (though certainly not all on campus), and lots of diversity. Very international school.

Did my interview. Was quizzed on science since I went to the Aggie. Dr. Tony Davey said he would suggest to the office I take a science foundation year, since I went to an agricultural high school and couldn't take AP courses. It's what I wanted all along, really, since that would give me four years of university and that's what we get in the US. It's precisely what I want.

So my dream school I can most probably get into! (He's an adviser for that part of the school, and so his suggestion will mean a lot.) Totally stoked.

We visited the town nearby, Norwich. It's fabulous! There's a castle and then down below that streets much like Diagon Alley with a bank that even looks like Gringotts. Then beyond that there's a center place with lots of vendor-like shops. It's all fantastic! There was even a cheap costume store with inexpensive cloaks and dresses and wigs 'nd all. Great stuff, really.

Then we came back. Tomorrow we get to sleep in and do nothing since we're not going anywhere. I finished my English questions today. Tomorrow I'll probably tackle my greenhouse sheets and maybe truly start my history paper.

Thursday we have North Hampton and Friday we have Reading University. Saturday Nigel and Liz's, Sunday and Monday back here (uncle Malcolm's in Chelmsford, Essex) for relaxing. Probably visiting with Sue, Kirsty, and Gareth some more. Then Tuesday heading back home.

Eeeeiii, this is all too wonderful.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I want a real date when I go home.

I really, really do.

I want to fall for someone. Even if it means my heart is completely wrecked. At least I know it works that way.

I would love it if my stomach would stop flipping every other second.

I still like being here. It's fabulous.

Finished my greenhouse sheets. Now I just have that short history paper and that little physics lab that Pantaxi will hopefully help me with.

Dating. Datingdatindating. Why does it have to be ever on my mind?

I'd love to get beyond a month. Feel connected.

You know?

And I don't want to keep falling for the same girl I can't have over and over again, but I can't really help that. I'll be far away soon enough.

Despite the entry, I'm still happy and doing well. Going to continue the story I was inspired to write when I saw one of my uncle's amazing little statuettes.

Have a good time.