April 14th, 2007

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Short Version:

Today is the third anniversary of the day I fractured my hip. It has been on my mind a lot.

Vacation started. I had to say goodbye to Mrs. Cav and everyone else for a while. It was hard.

I broke down at the GSA dance but people helped me out, and then...

I DANCED! Hardcore Kiwi dancing. Like, everywhere and everywhen and everyhow. I surprised people. I like doing that. People laughed at my dancing (with me) and joined in. I slow danced a little. Danced to Spice Girls! <3.

It was fab.

Now I have to clean and pack and think about college.

Not so fab, but I'll manage.

Oh, and I’m trusting you lot to keep a secret. We’re not supposed to have our report cards yet, but I had to go get mine early so I could bring it with me for the college trips. I wanted to put my grades up. For once, I’m really proud of myself.

Contemporary Literature: 97. “Contributes positively to class.” “Shows initiative.”

I like it. What I got 2nd term, too. I'm happy with it. Mrs. Hoeg--- teaches it.

Algebra III/Trigonometry: 96. "Conduct is excellent." "Cooperative, considerate, & courteous."

Eeei! 96 with Mrs. Czyrk---! I knew I could do better than my two other grades, not that they're bad or anything. I'm just very happy with a 96. Squee.

Physics: 98. "Homework is excellent." "Test scores are good."

Physics with Mrs. Cav. She thought the other day that I had had a 96, then went to check when I got up to shower her my coloring assignment. She had looked up quickly with a big, goofy grin and said, "Oh my, add two points to that! Or subtract two points from what the computer will allow!" 98 in physics. Certainly not too bad! How'd I manage that?

United States History II 20th Century: 98. "Effort is excellent." "Class participation is excellent."

History with Mr. Crow---. Probably my best class participation-wise. I really like history, but his class is so easy-going and he seems so human that I'm most likely to participate. Mrs. Hoeg--- is like a hawk when she looks for someone to answer, and so I don't raise my hand. Mrs. Cav is very formal in class and the whole feeling of it tends to scare me away from answering. But history is great for participation and I'm enjoying the class.

Career Development - Mixed: 100. "Conduct is good." "Effort is excellent."

Career Development (Cardep) with Mrs. Brod---. I don't know how it went up from a 98, but I can't complain. It'll be a bit harder next term, I think. Not my favorite class.

Botany: 98. "Conduct is excellent." "Effort is excellent."

Eeei, my class with Ms. Wat---! And a 98!! I remember when she was giving the grades in class. She always asks if we want to hear ours out loud. There were a lot of pretty icky grades. She got to me and I said I wanted mine. "98." Abby, across the room, perked up. "WHO got a 98?" The rest of the class murmured, "Kiwi..." Abby turned to me and practically seethed. "Geeze, Kiwi, why do you have to be such a genius?" Haha, yeahnooooo. Her insults are so great. "Why do you have to be such a genius?" "You only understand it 'cause you READ SO MUCH." But yes, totally pleased with a 98.

Flower Design I: 93. "Conduct is good." "Effor is excellent."

Flowde with Mrs. Brod--- again. My worst class. Considering that I wanted to be a natural resources major but was stuck in flori instead, it's alright. But I'm putting in more effort now and trying harder. I'll get that grade up yet.

Greenhouse Management: 96. "Conduct is good." "Effort is excellent."

Greem with Mrs. Brod---, yet again. I don't know how it got up to a 96. I thought I would barely scrape a 90 of some sort. Really pleased with a 96! Her classes are such a mystery grade-wise, since she never seems to give things back with grades. Or if she does, it's, like, the term after or until after I forgot about doing it. I never know how I'm doing in her classes.

And there they are, my grades. I'm psyched! All about a 95 'cept for one class! I did it. Let's see if I can keep it up for 4th term.

And don't worry. You won't have to deal with another long Kiwi post for a while, since I'll be away. But when I get back! Oh, you're in for it.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I'm a smartash. Ohhhsnap.

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