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Kiwi Crocus
03 April 2007 @ 06:12 pm
[Throws a note at Pantaxi and it misses badly.]
[Goes to get it when she can't find it.]
Kiwi: I'm glad to know my aim hasn't improved since 8th grade when I used to miss your desk completely.

[After Pantaxi has read the note.]
Kiwi: I'm so boring. I don't write about gossip, I write about chemistry. "If I burn the book, is it complete combustion? It burned me down to my skeleton, which began spouting off the quadratic equation. Mrs. Cavanagh puts me on a scale with a colony of chipmunks on the other side. Is she properly balancing the skeleton equation?"
Mrs. Fraser: That's pretty weird, I must say.
Kiwi: Welcome to my life.

Mrs. Cav [yelling down the hall from her room]: I found my keys, Bets!
"Bets": No thanks!
[Mrs. Cav, Kleppy, and Kiwi all crack up.]
Mrs. Cav: I wonder what that could possibly sound like?

Staying after:
[Kleppy plays with a pair of my pants she's wearing.]
Kleppy: Kiwi, you have a really loose crotch.
[Booby, Jim, and Kiwi laugh wildly.]

Picked up a kiddy chair on the way home! It reclines and everything. It puts my head, like, below a doorknob. It is so great. I love having short stuff in my room.

Gaiaing it out.
Current Music: Mr. Zebra -- Tori Amos.