April 2nd, 2007

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I got my license today.

I had the lady cop. When she was walking out to the car she asked me why I had a cane. I looked up, smiled slightly, and said, "Dead hip." Pulled out alright, forgot to put on a blinker when I was turning right in the parking lot but I was quick to correct it when she snapped.

Didn't slow down soon enough for her when I went to make the left turn, but made up for it with the three-point turn. She asked me when I was turning right towards the place again, "Who's Darfur?" I said, "Genocide in Africa" as I was turning.

I was polite, though. Lots of thank yous and such when she gave tips.


Mrs. Cav was glad to hear it. For some reason I like talking to her on the phone as much as in person. As bad as it sounds, possibly more sometimes... There are different fears with it, and though I don't understand, some of them aren't as fierce.

I finished a story I started, like, last year.

I don't want to do Mrs. Hoeg's work.

Stupid assignments.
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