March 17th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So tonight was Coffee House and it was loads of fun.

A boy was throwing cards, and sometimes one would hit me and I would laugh. Eventually I threw one back and it flew really well. So he exclaimed, "You've got to teach me to do that!" since apparently it's what he had been trying all along.

So we did that for a long while, when I wasn't chatting with Arah and the others.

I kept getting that "oh no he likes me feeling" but I let myself ignore it.

By the time the end of the evening came he said (and I noticed it was when Arah was more than a few paces away) that he needed to tell me something, and that he had to say he liked me. So I told him I was very flattered and later on told him I thought he was very couragous and was glad he told me, and that it wasn't him it was just that I was very gay. He had told me he had a lot of trouble with girls not liking him. Eekads.

So I informed Arah and she told me I was a good soul, and we hugged and stuff. Said goodbye.

Earlier she had been sitting on my lap knitting. First the boy asked, "Why is she sitting on your lap?" and I said "Oh, it was an empty seat!" Then when the show ended and Kate and Carla came out I guessed that they would probably assume we were an item or something. Arah and I are definitely not an item.

It was cute seeing him so protective. He kept saying, "You probably shouldn't sit on her lap, she has a bad hip..." since he had asked me before why I kept a cane. It was all very cute, since he's an 8th grader... I just feel bad. But I suppose that usually happens, really. At least, I know that when I was in 8th grade I actually fell for a junior too, who happened to be the wrong sexuality... Haha. Parallel!

Tomorrow is the senior youth.

Earth to Kiwi: You don't have to be tall and skinny and blonde and a Barbie look-alike.