February 27th, 2007

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[Kiwi meanders over to the gradesheets in the physics room and checks the latest grades. She got a 110 on the last quiz, the highest grade in the class.] [Hobbles back.]
Kiwi: The first and last time I ever get top in this class.
Pantaxi: What?
K: "The first and last time I ever get top in this class?"
P: I heard, "The first and last time I every go topless in class."
J [walks over and hears]: What, topless?
P: Kiwi topless in class.
K: Always.

[Later.] [Kiwi hides her paper so Mrs. Cavanagh won't see the work before the group is done.]
K: Tell me if she comes over here, I don't want her to see it.
P: What, see you topless?
K: Precisely. I don't want Mrs. Cavanagh to see me topless in class.

[Later again, Kleppy hits Kiwi in the side.]
K: That wouldn't have hurt so much had I not been topless in class.


[Kiwi takes Makuchan's necklace and starts poking her boobs with it.]
P: What are you doing?
K: Mining for diamonds. Or coal, or emeralds...sapphires...[goes on to name a bunch more]...or peanuts.
P: Peanuts? [Laughs.]
[Stops and looks at the ceiling.]
Kleppy: I should make an interpretive dance about squeezing Makuchan's boob.
K: Do it!
P: She can't.
K: Why?
P: Mrs. Cavanagh is right there.
K: [Looks up with that "dot dot dot" expression.] Oh.
Mrs. Cavanagh: Beep beep, Mrs. Cavanagh coming through, beep beep! Warning, warning!
[P & K look to Kleppy, Mrs. Cavanagh, and then Dana.]
P & K: [Crack up completely.]
Mrs. Cavanagh: What's up with those two?
Kleppy and Makuchan: [Shrug and mumble how they don't know.]
P & K: [Laugh harder and fall onto the tabletop.]

Some of that amusement would come from previous events:

[Kiwi, Makuchan, Kleppy, and Pantaxi are all talking.]
K: So a lot of people enjoy talking about my chest. Somehow, Kiwi topless calls for boundless conversation.
Kleppy: Kiwi topless, Kiwi topless! [Goes around the room a few times saying this with a reasonably loud voice.]
K: [Headdesk.] [Looks up.]
Mrs. Cav: [Gives the "your friends are completely bonkers but I'm fairly amused" smile.]
K: [Headdesk again.]

Which was followed some time later by:

Marissa: Kiwi, calm down! Take a deep breath!
K: [Sighs.] Everyone keeps telling me to take a deep breath. I'm not even freaking out about anything! Why does everyone keep /saying/ that?
Kleppy: [Turns over her shoulder to talk.] Kiwi, you have large breasts.
Kleppy: Isn't that what everyone is saying?
K: [Drops head for a split second.] No, "take a deep breath."
Kleppy: ... oh.

So, somehow, my chest always comes up before/during/after physics. And so we were all very amused. But there were a few other (and probably a few different) things that were amusing us.

Fun in room four. <3.