February 15th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I went through Da's change vase with Xandor to collect pennies for him.
(Which stinks since I'll be having a penny drive with the NHS soon, and all the pennies will be gone.)
(But there will be lots of silver change, so that's good--even though I feel way more guilty about using that.)

So while I was helping him get pennies I was also collecting the state quarters and other coins.

I got 25 of the 50 states.

(2) Oregon
(3) North Carolina
(2) Maryland
(1) Indiana
(1) Rhode Island
(1) Vermont
(1) Kentucky
(5) New York
(2) California
(1) South Carolina
(1) New Jersey
(1) Connecticut
(1) Nebraska
(2) Virginia
(2) Ohio
(1) Florida
(1) New Hampshire
(1) Minnesota
(1) Massachusetts
(1) Michigan
(1) Nevada
(1) Mississippi
(1) Georgia
(1) Pennsylvania
(2) Louisiana

That's 37 quarters. $9.25. Neat. There was $14.50 worth of regular quarters.

I also picked up:

(1) MBTA/Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Coin
(3) Different weird nickels
(1) English Pound
(1) Canadian 5-cent coin
(2) Different Canadian 10-cent coins, one from 1996 and one from 2001
(2) Canadian pennies

Somehow, it all made me very tired.

I may nap now. Tonight is the night before the day of the last day before vacation.

Thus, I will not be getting much sleep, as tradition dictates. At least, I won't be getting much sleep at night.