February 12th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Wow, interesting day.

So. A few days ago I was stupid and wrote down very dark/self-harm-y things on my maths paper and didn't know I would be passing it in and forgot to scribble things out. I had also drawn a symbolic picture of a woman hip-deep in a gun on the other side, dealing with Hitler's probably inability to shoot his wife, hence her death by poison.

So Mrs. Czyrk got scared and sent the stuff to guidance, who called me down and had a talk. I convinced Mrs. Per that I am indeed quite alright and not suicidal and not going to hurt myself, etc.

My mother was called but didn't have to come in.

Found out later Mum sent the stuff to my therapist. I expressed that I would have preferred to have been able to bring it up in my own way, but I understand the need since it was labeled "emergency."

Called Mrs. Cav, planning to check up on HER day--hadn't planned to mention mine at all. She finished talking about her day and asked about mine, so I did happen to go into it.

Turns out Mrs. Czyrk had called her on Sunday wondering what to do and had spilled her plan, which Mrs. Cav agreed with. Mrs. Cav said she wouldn't be in school on Monday.

I gave Mrs. Czyrk a hug and told her that I was glad she had been so concerned since it was good to have someone watching my back. She said she did it only because she loves me and I like that a lot.

So that was all very interesting and long BUT I didn't have a panic attack and I managed to do well on a maths quiz with it and it was good.

Talking on the phone with Mrs. Cav was excellent. And she laughed a lot. And I apparently gave her an evil (okay, well, not REALLY evil) plan for her classes tomorrow. Involving squeaky shoes, apparently.

So I have something to look forward to.

How did today manage to be a good day with all that?