January 16th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So, Ms. Quince Watson gets to be either Magnolia watsonii or Chaenomeles watsonii as her botanical name (the first actually being a plant, apparently). And since I nicknamed Mike "Maple" he gets to be Acer [anything]. And Laura found a plant that's mahoneyii or something, apparently.

So I was thinking.

What's my botanical name?

And I remembered that I have a lot of options, since I have both the bird and the plant to work with.

The main plant being Actinidia deliciousa.

Deliciousa? <3. Love! Haha.

Kiwi the bird: Apteryx australis. Apteryx. That's so stellar, haha.

And I could, of course, be a brown kiwi, a great spotted kiwi, or a little spotted kiwi. And they are sometimes white.

So, haha, what do ya think?
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I love getting all my work done.

Even though I don't have enough time to watch Desert Hearts. I'm really excited to watch that at some point.

I do have some time, though. That excites me.