January 6th, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Amber was tres awesome. We had fun with Merf.

Xandor got a migraine and it was scary. He turned into this person we had never met, looking around blindly and telling us he couldn't see. Then when Mum kept asking what medication he was taking he insisted that he "couldn't tell us" and then something that we couldn't understand. We couldn't understand a lot us.

If Mum, me, or Da tried to go into his room to get him to take Tylenol he would scream, "Why can't you all just shut up?" "Just shut up!" only it wasn't...the way he does it. Not all obnoxious or anything. More like he was just completely not there.

Now he doesn't really remember any of it, and he's fine. It was still pretty scary.

Anyway, Bambi (Amber), Merf, Ben and I played the football game--Madden 2007? I was just watching. Bambi completely beat the two into the ground.

Then somehow they cajoled me into playing, and suddenly I was playing Bambi in the next game. And...I totally destroyed her? But she was completely amused because I kept rooting for her team. So when she would intercept it I would shout, "Nice!" and encourage her players to keep going.

Apparently I was the most laid back player there, though. That was neat.

Bambi slept over, so we were head-to-head on the couch and it was funny. We lounged around in the morning, completely content to not be doing anything.

She asked if we could hang out again some time and so I'm psyched.

Today the family will be cleaning, and tonight I have the coffee house. Maybe I'll see Arah. That would be totally stellar.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Oh..my...gods... O_O.

Amber asked me out with a text message at 6:03 p.m.

And I was completely shocked.

Because hey, I was asked out.


My eloquent response?

"Was I just asked out? If I was, then yes! If I wasn't, then I'm going to go be embarrassed in a corner now... =)."

Haha. When she thought she'd asked me out in a horrible way I replied no, I was just shocked as all heck since it was the first time I'd been asked out.

And it's her first time dating.

She's thinks it'll be horrible for her 'cause she doesn't know what she's doing.

Somehow, I'm pretty sure we'll figure things out, haha.

I've never been much of a player myself, so I certainly don't have much more experience. =P.