January 1st, 2007

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The New Year.

I started 2006 with Snoopy, and missed the actual new year by an hour and nineteen minutes before realizing we were officially in 2006. I then threw a spoon at her. A perfect entrance into a new year.

I started 2007 holding my sobbing mother. Talking about Hannah, and then how she's a horrible mother.

And then listening to her drink-intoxicated stories of when she first met Hannah.

I was very scared.

I feel guilty to be glad that she is out of the room, but it is truth, and truth is what I'm wont to speak.

I've updated all my journals. Emailed Mrs. Cav.

At the moment, I just want to talk to her. It doesn't even have to be talk. Just be in her presence, feel her near me. Watch her work. Something. My kindred spirit.

And in that, my heart cries. Because Mum only wants to do the same with her kindred spirit, and her kindred spirit is dead.

There will be no live, tough, cussing Hannah in 2007. Only memories.

Happy new year.

Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.

Brightest blessings.