December 26th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I have been reading for hours and hours a day. Hundreds of pages. Despite feeling utterly ookie, I am definitely enjoying the reading.

Got some stuff for Christmas. I squeed when I got the Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.

Da got Monty Python's Flying Circus prior to Christmas, so that has been saving my sanity as well.

Ann invited me onto the Youth RE Task Force that meets a few times in the next few months as a representative of the Senior Youth that have participated in Coming of Age, alongside Gar, most likely.

So despite missing a week of church due to sickness, and then the Xmas Eve service that is so very beautiful with all the candles, I am still an active member. =P. Yay. Even though I haven't signed the book because I'm a mule, and thus not TRULY a member.

I even got to put it my new Handy Dandy Weekly Planner Thing.

Time for some 'net time and then reading the one novel I got for Christmas!