December 17th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Dear Kiwi,

Stop accidentally making bad puns.

Thinking "I'm bloody useless when on my moondays" isn't funny to a cranky little crocus.

Nor is thinking "sex is a touchy subject."

Maybe if you thought them up yourself.

But since they're accidental?

Go to SLEEP.

A very, very tired self.

P.S. So glad we finished the paper and emailed it off. Even if it is three minutes late. Off to bed, NOW. No more dizzy spells for you young lady.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Pashi was at church today!

She came and tackled me once it was over. =D. So happy!

Aaaand we found my NHS pin!

(I lost it while we were there at the Induction, as pathetic as that is.)

So the next day we went and looked for it. Found the membership card for me, but not the pin. So what did Mum do? She grabbed the trash bag and took it home, haha.

So Mum called me down this afternoon and told me it was very important. They had the trash spread out on a tarp and Da was standing there with a rake.

"Start digging," he told me. I laughed as Mum came over and handed me the pin. Then Da was raking the trash back into the bag and Mum exclaimed, "Hey wait! There are recyclables in that!"

So Mum and I took out the cans and bottles and recycled them. =P.

"That's Mum--going through OTHER PEOPLES' trash to recycle." -- Da.

So today was good. And Mum is going out to get The Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, so that's sweet. Plus a present for Da called The Good Omen which he wants me to read afterward.

Stellar day!

Oh, and I like the new updating system.