December 2nd, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I officially love Saturdays that are completely unplanned on my calendar.


I lounged around in bed for hours just thinking.

Now I'm going to do Harry Potter-type stuff because I want to. When I watched part of the first movie last night (it was on ABC Family while I was babysitting) I did a fangirl SQUEE when Hooch even appeared for one moment during the dining scene.

I was amused.

So now I want to write more McHooch/Kitty Hawk.

And that makes me want to read the first book again and take notes on important stuff/facts.

Anyway, then I want to do some school work but my monitor isn't working on my computer so I'm on Da's. I hope someone can make it work so I can do some project junk.

Squee Saturday.