November 30th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Finished with the bugs. I think I did a good job with them.

People made fun of my hair a lot today. =(.

I guess I should expect that, allowing my hair to be voluminous in a chemically-straightened decade...

And it's not that ring-y voluminous, either. It's like, 80s. Which is what it was called a lot.

And I somewhat look like the basket case from Breakfast Club. Act like her sometimes too.

The conference was fun. I'm caught up save for two quizes. Got stuff done.

Will be talking to Mrs. Hoeg about the writing thing soon.

I'll be glad to hear what she has to say.

For now, time to print stuff out and go to sleep.

Oh! Light a virutal candle on this website: for World AIDS day.


My tooth hurts ow night.