November 28th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

So, today I woke up...

...and before I knew it I was making my bed. Excuse me? Kiwi, making her bed, without even thinking about it?

Who ate her brain and replaced it with someone who is organized and neat?

Darn those surgically-inclined unicorns! (I've been in a big unicorn phase lately.)

School was great up until I'd say seventh period, since the physics test was pretty easy even though I didn't get the bonus question right. We had the essay test. First I flat-out panicked, but thankfully Mrs. Hoegler didn't notice. I think I managed to get through all right, but now I don't ever want to get it back. Not with all her comments ripping me apart.

And I know they're supposed to be helpful. As amazing as I think she is, she somehow manages to scare me to death and back with this writing thing. I want to talk to her about it.

Oh, actually, it was bad before that. In GSA I ran for Vice President and had to run against a senior. One that doesn't like me 'cause I'm friends with Makuchan and Kleppy. Anyway, she was pretty mean to me in general while at the same time ignoring me...

Mack offered to do the co-vice president thing like she and Monica were doing for president. The senior said hell no and decided to run. I went through my little speech about how I helped the club, loved it, wanted it to succeed, etc... She ended up saying that she wanted a position of power to lead because she had never had one before and wanted a position of power. She stepped back. I offered to shake hands before the vote was cast and reluctantly she did.

I won. She was pretty upset. I was pretty upset. Mack said she deserved it and "who wants an officer like that anyway?" and that the co-VP offer was Mack's way of giving her a last chance. Anyway, I felt bad.

Trialge I cried 'cause I was so worried about the essay paper and how I didn't understand the math. But now I do. Abby was extra obnoxious and apparently made a comment when I signed out and ran to the bathroom? I don't know, I didn't hear anything, but Mrs. Czyrk came in while I was talking to Mrs. Cav and asked if I had heard anything, so I can only assume there was... I'll ask.

So on Friday I have a GSA meeting and have to come up with three achievable goals by then.

Grammie drove me all the way to therapy to find that the date had been switched to tomorrow at 5, so now I have to cancel it 'cause I have the chiro appointment. At least I still have Kleppy to look forward to. I have to ask about the party and such.

Xandor burned hot dogs while he was trying to boil them. There was so much smoke the detector went off and smoke came into my room. Headache, but it was fuuuuuunny.

I can do those weird pictures-in-the-pattern things again like the unicorn one I used to have on my wall. I want to find it. There was one on the back of the cereal box, haha.

I was feeling pretty down a few minutes ago and then looked at my floor and decided I wanted to vacuum again, so I did. And replaced the bag in my trash and picked a few things up again. Weird, huh? Mrs. Cav says it could be a defense mechanism. I say, if it is, it's a nice one!

I lay out outfits the night before and everything. Haha.

So then Ann called and asked if I wanted to be on the panel for the gay/lesbian/bisexual portion of the OWL program that I did! So I get to be in the session that was my favorite back when I did it! I'll be the only youth but I think it's awesome. And she asked if I wanted to be in the pageant thing on the 17th too...I'll probably try to help out somehow. She wants me to speak. I'd have to find something to say.

I feel important.

It's fun.

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