November 27th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was excellent.

Caught up on physics test--got a 100. Caught up on the history test and I think I did well. Got my maths quiz back and got a 100. Got my conlit test back and got a 96.

Pleased to be caught up again.

Finished my wreath in hortsal and decided not to add berries. Ms. Wat came around to check on them. =P. I played as if I was trying to hide mine...

ID sheets due Friday. I'll have to run by Laura's at some point to look at the Duir book. New project to do in Envistud.

At lunch called Da--Kleppy can sleep over Thursday. Chiro. appointment Wednesday. Therapy tomorrow.

Mikki came after school and I told her to meet me in room 4. Mrs. Cav was frantically searching for a chemistry test and then dog stickers... She seemed preoccupied and distant. =[. Oh well. I got her smiling at the end.

So we (Mikki and I) went around talking to teachers and I was silly because that's what I do. Making quirps, falling down, being an oddball... Mrs. Stee wants us to meet up with her some time before X-ey. That'd be fab!

So we came back to my place and looked at computer stuff. Mikki wants me and Kleps to go with her to Anime Boston as Ash and Misty, respectively, so regardless of whether that will happen we worked on a costume. I have my hair up to the side and love it, haha.

Now she's off and I'm here ready to do some work. Two people on my flist uploaded pictures, though, so I made some icon bases... I just royally stink at making icons. So they're only bases. I may upload them in a friends-only post so they can grab them.

Off I go!

ETA: My thoughts don't make sense. Anyway, I don't finish the last names on purpose. X-ey is a term in my head for Christmas... Yeah.