November 25th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Mum woke me up at 10:30 by banging on my door and then coming in to tell me she has to go to Florida.

She was planning to go next week.

That's bad, bad news.

Please send soothing thoughts/energy/prayers/whatever you believe in to Hanna down in Florida and my mother leaving in a tenth of a second when a friend is in need.

I'll need to keep myself doing things to keep from worrying.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So I left my room to go take a shower, and missed a step on the way so I fell over and landed (somehow gracefully) in a position that seemed intentional.

I sat there for a minute, lounging on the steps and staring at the corner of the wall.

I noted that the plaster had come loose and fallen off, and that the mesh from the wall could be seen. There was a dark area but for some reason when I looked at it I got happier.

Being the creature of imagination that I am, I thought, "Wow. Wouldn't it be neat if there really were faeries small enough to live in there?" which then turned into, "or if there were faeries at all."

So I finally got up and hopped into the shower. I was smiling and letting the water warm me. When I looked up I saw these spots of light that seemed to be playing with each other.

I turned down the water, thinking maybe I had it up too high and it was messing with my head. A spot flew by my head and stayed present for the longest I've ever seen, appearing to twirl in the air before shooting off out of the shower.

I thought I was going absolutely bonkers. My thoughts turned to, "I know people think that I'm this sciency gal, but sometimes... I really wish and believe that those could be faeries." I thought about how I wished that with them, there could be beauty in the world that people haven't mastered, analyzed, and dissected yet. That there are types of beauty that are spotted only for milliseconds or slightly longer that remain in the mind for long periods of time after, and that part of how wonderful that beauty is is that it's so short, breathtaking, and mysterious. That we DON'T understand it.

I decided that when I got out of the shower I'd look up faerie sightings. I smiled to myself as I remembered replying to a friend's livejournal earlier today about being a "UU Pagan" and how I felt she'd probably think me just a ripoff, or in it for the name. But something clicked and I noted that there's a REASON I call myself a UU Pagan, and it's certainly not to capture the title.

When I looked it up I found this which had me gasping, laughing, and speechless at different moments. I know it's all opinionated, but I'm still glad I found it.

So I'm wondering if it's all just a chain of coincidences, because it really doesn't feel like one.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I'd almost prefer to not have found my rug.

For now I can see how badly I need to vacuum.
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