November 24th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Did it.

All Turkey Day stuff is over now, save for the leftovers.

Today was day two, with more people at a restaurant.

Laura was there and introduced me to her wife by pulling my Kiwi hat down over my eyes and saying, "This is Kiwi, out and proud lesbian" before showing off my rainbow armthings. It made me laugh.

She thought I lost weight. I laughed more.

I got to talk to Arthur for a few moments. He commented on the hat and I said I wore it to tell of my name preference. He laughed and said it may take the family about ten years, but that he'd try to help.

It's slowly trickling in, though. Slowly since I've had the name for three or more years.

So that was my day, or at least evening. It was fun. I have to send Laura one of my lesbian books.

I'm sad to part with one. Maybe I'll get another copy. Now I just need to pick one.
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