November 15th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Sometimes I wish I could be on birth control just to have fewer periods.

This rivals surgery pain.

That was the worst one yet. My face is red now.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

My hair is wonderful...

when it's wet.

It's, like, Kate Beckinsale-in-Underworld-y.

But then?

It dries and I hate it because it poofs out like a poofy cat sitting on my head.

I wish it would stay wet forever, even if it gave me a bajillion colds.

Any ideas for how I can make it stay looking the way it does when wet (awesome curly-ish stuff going on) without actually BEING wet (because I like my nose more when it isn't red and runny?)? That would be awesome.

No frizzy cat on Kiwi's head + awesome hair = happy Kiwi.

Sometimes I'm vain. But I excuse it, because when I'm not proud of my hair I hate it and fall into a pit of despair in which I call myself fat, stupid, unloved, and all that nasty junk. Then I feel just plain pathetic because it's not true but my HAIR could drive me to the thoughts.

So a bit of vanity > that.

But yeah. Any ideas for keeping the hair looking neat?