October 15th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

My church day.

Last night I put up a bulletin on myspace directing people to the Nicole story. Mary Fran and Elise read and commented on it, saying how it made them remember it all perfectly. That it was amazing.

I was so glad to see their comments. Unbelievably happy. They're very significant people in my past, especially during that time. It was just... so fantastic, to hear what they had to say. Their replies. So very, very happy I did all that.

Church was good. Isabella's with Arah and her Da after that. So very, very fun. MelDiva's after that. Stressing over NHS.

First I couldn't think of anything that fit my very confining definition of "leadership" and "service". So I was convinced I was actually really selfish and that when everyone thought I was a leader or Good, they were terribly wrong. Or that I was a different breed of "honorable" and not what the NHS wants. I decided to call different people and make a list of possible leadership and service things to look into.

Called Laura. Busy, which I understand. =). Cait wasn't there. Another girl wasn't there. I called Gar, since I knew she was actually going through the NHS stuff at her school too. We got talking. By the end she was very impressed, and said that I had stuff for everything. Which is good. I won't have to flip over the moon.

It's just writing that stupid letter about why I would be a really choice and how I would contribute...


Senior Youth tonight. Excited.

I like the new layout I'm using.
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