October 10th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Printing out all the websites in a bibliography that has been passed in is certainly fun.

I thought the point of the biblo (eh, what I call them) was to avoid doing this.

Apparently not.

I am again astounded by the exciting force that is the trebuchet.

All right, all right. I'm sure the sarcasm will drop away once I get up and rolling. =P.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was having trouble finding a second source for my English-Georgian Period flori project.

I just put my all into finding a source. I found THREE. I am SO HAPPY. One of them is even a fill-in-the-blank question sheet with a section on my period. So I can use a few of those as an oral quiz at the end or something.


Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I predict...

That I will be quite tired tomorrow and thus more of a cranky crocus than a serene oak.


Still have to draw an example of boxwood and a magnolia flower to make the project symmetrical--can't just draw one or my brain will explode.

Need to cut things out and glue things on.

Need to cut the poster board in half since there's no way I'll fill the whole thing currently.

Good news is that I got the picture of a woman with flowers scanned so I can do something with that later.

Tomorrow morning is going to be an early and busy morning.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

That bibliography...

...just about killed me. But it's in MLA format with an easy-to-read guide at the bottom. Glued on the back of the poster, as instructed, with my name and the date.

Have to practice presenting it at some point tomorrow.

Have to wake up tomorrow to study for things, type things up, and do Coming Out Day stuff.