October 6th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


It's 4:18 a.m. and I woke up at four. For this paper and homework stuffs.

Sometimes I wish I could be a little less dedicated to school and a little more dedicated to sleep.

But then I stop that because I want to be in NHS and that's pretty much handing my soul away. Not that I won't enjoy it. But I reeeeaaaally want to get into that stupid program.

And get good grades for myself. That's just what I like doing.

Now, on to the maths and physics of a trebuchet.

Oh. I'm glad Mugz likes to sleep. We gave away Bella last night to a wonderful woman at our church, Gail, and I got to sleep with him. He's using a pillow like a human and has my blanket over him. I saw him emerge similarly to a hermit crab a moment ago and look at me, but now he's gone under again.

I don't blame him.

It is, after all, 4:21 a.m.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Rocky Horror.

I just watched the U.K. version.

It was amazing.

Most attractive people, haha.

Mum came in near the end and I was hesitant to let her watch the few minutes she wanted to... Turns out I had ever reason, 'cause soon enough she started saying it wasn't the real Rocky and that it was some theater junk, not the right thing...

I really wanted to just put a foot mark on her bum. But she's my mother and I love her even if she always comes and annoys me while I'm watching movies where as I don't do that to her (since she doesn't like it).

So yes. Now she's peeved because she was talking through the movie and I don't like that so when she got to the point that she was just ripping the movie apart I asked if I could go back to watching it.

Now she's not telling me the "funny story about the Snake in Dawn's house". Dawn my aunt. Maybe I'll just call her soon or something.

Anyway, amazing movie.