October 5th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Art thing.

But first.

It's 6:23 (which is not nearly as nifty as 1:23, but I'll get over it) and I feel great. Snoozed for a whole hour. Had wonderfully creative dreams that I now can't remember because the alarm at 6:00 is really loud and shot me out of bed.

I'm really excited for stuff.

Today I interview Mrs. Cavanagh and then drive for two hours. Both of which I'm nervous/scared about but also excited.

Eragon comes out soon. TJ wants to see it with me. I want to see it with him! I will have to call him and speak about it.

Need to remember to see Mac in the caf. for five mins. in the morning to talk about GSA stuff with NCOD coming up.

AND? I wrote birthdays down. On my calendar. So I won't forget. Isn't that amazing? For Kiwi, yes, yes it is.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Interview and driving.

I drove. It was horrible. I hated it. I wasn't too bad at it. Smooth right turns, icky left ones. Pretty conscious of speed and what's going on, for the most part. I'll live. I just don't think it'll be an enjoyment of mine.

Interview was intense. Great, but intense.

Apparently I'm a good note taker. I didn't look when I was writing but it was all neat and, for the most part, in neat lines. Since my writing is so small my hand barely moved and I was able to keep eye contact while listening. Mrs. Cavanagh didn't notice I was taking notes.

I mean, she knew I was SUPPOSED to and that there would be, in the end, notes. But she didn't know I was taking them. So she complimented me and I turned red.

My hands were very cold. She laughed.

But journalism? Hey, maybe. Not that my livejournal at the moment shows off my skills.

Time to go write an alge III/trig paper on the trebuchet. History, maths, and physics of it. Uhmmmmfun? Methinks mayhaps it will be. Or not. It doesn't really matter.

OH. Messaged Umiray on myspace. And er...maybe one person reading this knows what that means. -Scratches head.- Camp friend. Well-loved camp friend.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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This paper is death.

But I finished the history part (one page) and I think I did a reasonably fair job.

Going to get some math and physics notes about the trebuchet and finish the paper tomorrow morning. The physics packet, too.