September 28th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Finished pretty much all of my homework.

Have to do the stupid catapault sheets for alge and get a permission slip signed so I can go to open house.

But at least the catapault thing makes me smile since it reminds me of the picture of the trebuchet in that movie shooting a dead horse.

Trebuchet = dead horse.

(Nono, I'm not a horse killer!)

And the guy said, "It was a very naughty idea." in his English accent and I was thoroughly pleased.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was just outside catching bugs. I caught a few. That is good, since before that I only needed seven anyway.

I caught a bumble bee thinking I'd give it to someone since I already have one, but I couldn't do it and let it go.

Got the mail.


English Language Arts: 264, advanced.
Mathematics: 268, advanced.

So yeah I'm not a genius child like my brother but at least I did prove to myself that I could do it.

Comments about my writing performance:

Topic development is insightful.
Effective organization of ideas.
Sentence structure is mostly correct.
Composition demonstrates correctness and control.

Poosh! I'm only getting better, so I'm stoooooked.

I have a really cool assignment in conlit. Interviewing people. Yay.

Time for homework and stuff. Longer entry. Eeeeii yaypooshsqueefweemrowrow!!!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Finished some stuff. Have to wake up tomorrow to do more work and studying.


Apparently KP seniors went nuts with white trash day? Or at least just a few? Was amused.

Seems like something Aggie girls would do.

Since, y'know, our most popular club is the Future Farmers of America...