September 18th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

So those were a few adventures.

I woke up at size and decided I wanted to hit snooze. So then I laughed because I had this idea that a guy at the Cape would have thought that every time the alarm went off, we would change cities. It was a funny thought.

So each time I hit snooze (a total of five times) I changed location and adventure. I battled a giant snake in the Underground, managed to make it through a flood, and somehow ended up in a hotel where there was some horrible thing going on that I managed to be triumphant over.

Very exciting way to wake up.

Unfortunately it means I'll be a bit drained for a few minutes.

So many adventures are slightly tiring.

I should get ready for school now. Byebye.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The 18th.

Today your resistance to change is being tested. Even if you feel quite subdued these days, significant shifts are about to shake your life awake. Still, you probably do not have a handle on what is going down. Be sure to watch the wide swings of your emotions rock back and forth. Don't act on your feelings until the currents settle down.
--Aquarius horoscope, google.

That's basically my day. Happy -> Panic Attack -> Calm and ready to deal with things (that were dealt with, or at least I started) -> Ecstatic.

I'm the Queen of Moody. Angst is somewhere in there (or throughout?).

Starting work on 504 plan. Not lagging behind on school work too much, but didn't spend as much time on it today as I would have liked.

Wish my room weren't so hot.

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That song makes me happy. Off to make a to-do list, set my alarm, and be off to the land of Kiwi dreams.