September 17th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Hi. I'm Kiwi.

This is an entry. I'm aware that's pretty surprising at this current time.

I'm working on getting my act together. This weekend was rough but zOMG TODAY WAS BRILL. Senior Youth Group eats my pants. ... that's the phrase that just came to mind when I thought "happy". My mind needs to shut off while I write el-jay posts so they come out all right.

Saw people I love today and all was happy. Made people laugh. Thumbs up.

Off to do homework.

Extra credit = Find 25 British phrases/words/whatev. and define them using American terminology. Kiwi heaven or what?

Yeah. See you. Bye.

This song is actually working for my life right now. It's kind of what I realized at Senior Youth and will have to continue realizing a lot (since I forget it all the time. Even though it's rather important.)...
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    Gabin DeGraw -- Meaning.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So it's midnight and I'm awake.

I had a lot of fun doing that extra credit thing.

Why does British English make me so happy?

Zonked. Going to slap the sack now. Night.
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    Jewel -- Pieces of You.