July 30th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Okay, so I'm back for a few hours.

Yeah. That. Back for a few hours before camp, since I have to leave around noon. I'm so nervous. I still don't know my camp address. I know the address they have on the website, but I don't know what I'm supposed to put with it. Just my name? What camp I'm going to? Not sure.

I'm hoping to find out before I go but if I can't I'll find out there and see if I can get someone to post it here and a few other places for me. I'm hoping it won't be my mother, haha. If worst comes to worst, though... =P. It wouldn't be too terribly bad.

I still haven't unpacked from Virginia Beach. I need to repack for camp. Yucky fear. It's as though... well, I know that when I actually go and touch the bags to go through them I'm REALLY going. It's not going away from my house for 3 weeks that gets to me. I'm not the homesick type. I'm just so excited and nervous and happy and scared.

Fwee! I'm going to camp! I would feel so much better if I knew a few things, though. A.) Where do people send me letters? and B.) Can I use my cell phone?

I think I'll be able to use my cell. I mean, they don't prohibit sex (they don't encourage it either) so I'm thinking cell phone use should be pretty much nothing. As I said to Merf: "Well, if I'm on my cell phone and some people are having sex in the next room and someone comes in and is all, 'why are you on your cell phone?' I'll say, 'Do you see that the windows are steaming up? It's NOT because I'm on my CELL PHONE.'" So yeah. Cell phone, hopefully.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

My Camp Address.

Send me stuffs, cha?! -Happygrin.- Please? =D. I'll be sending things out.

Rowe Camp & Conference Center
Miss Kiwi Stalley SHC
Kings Highway Road PO Box 273
Rowe, MA 01367

I'm buggying out to get this stuff packed!