July 9th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I did it.

I read through the journal entries until I got to the ones I read in Maine. I'm almost dead. Still have a bit of email catching up to do, then I can zonk out and catch up on gaia tomorrow. Gaia will probably be the worst for catching up. I will survive!

Maine was lovely. Good conversation.

Talked on the phone for an hour with Mrs. Cavanagh. Nice. I talk too much. I wonder when I stopped being a good listener. Will remedy this--will become a good listener again.

Party tomorrow morning and summer service at church. Concert on the common at 7? I want to go to that too.

Then I'll try calling up friends to see who I can catch up with.

Would love to see people again. Fwee. I have the urge to go to the mall even though I have no money. Odd. Have to call my uncle Guy to ask which website he uses for the you-take-surveys-we-pay-you sites. Then I'll have a reliabel site and will hopefully be able to make money. That would be good.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Tried to use my cell phone to wake me up. Had two or three different alarms (plus their snooze options) going at once and still didn't wake up. Was prepared to give up. Carla came and woke me up. Got ready and went downstairs to eat breakfast while "watching" tennis.

Went online while Mum, Kate, and Carla went for a walk. I went back down when I was ready and joined in conversation. Not getting into that, I guess. It was funny and deep at the same time. Merf came up after a few calls and some small amount of time.

Hung out, she used my computer, more conversing, and then the idea to see Pirates. We did. Kate and Carla dropped us off on the way. Tried to get tickets to the 7:15 but it was sold out so we got tickets to the 7:45 instead and went outside to sit at the Teen Wall to wait.

We were listening to music when a guy walked up and started talking.

Guy: You looked like a friend of mine so I pointed and came up and you're not her but you have a really cool hatthing. Bandana, I guess. (Kiwi was wearing her rainbow bandana.)
Kiwi: Thanks. [Kiwi smiles.]
Guy: Oh, your tie too. And belt! (All rainbow.) Are you a lesbian?
Kiwi: That I am.
Guy: Cool. I'm gay too.
Kiwi: Nice. Rainbows are nifty.

After that we talked more. He's a supervisor that gets people to do surveys or something. His name is TJ. He asked us to visit before we went in to see our movie so we did. He's so spiffy. I promised to get his contact information when we came out again.

I liked the movie. First Merf went into the bathroom and that was normal. Then when I said I wanted to go to the bathroom she said she needed to go too. Peculiar. I was going to ask her if she had her painters in. She informed me soon enough, and that she also didn't have any products. Asked if she was using folded up tiolet paper--yes and still leaking. I didn't have anything so I just offered a pair of pants (I was wearing an extra pair under my shorts, PJ pants).

When we left the bathroom I said we could ask some of the women in the bathroom if she had one. She said all right but I could tell she didn't want to do it herself. So when she walked in and she was whispering, "This is always so embarassing..." I asked a general, "Hey, does anyone have a tampon?" A nice woman near the door that had just come in said she did and ended up giving Merf a choice between two. She was grateful, haha. Thanked the woman and went back into the movie.

As I said, I liked it. Not so much the ending. Not going into that, though. Came back out and got TJ's contact information. Myspace, AIM, name (he put (fag =)) next to it, teehee), and his phone number. Apparently lives around a mile away from the theatre.

I hope the movie popcorn and butter doesn't make me sick. That'd sure be funny, though. =P.

Mrs. Smith was online so I had a nice chat with her. She's going to go have lunch with Mrs. Cavanagh tomorrow (as Mrs. Cavanagh herself told me in her email). Planning to see a movie this summer. Gasp! Mrs. Cavanagh at a movie theatre! Teehee. (She doesn't go to them--hasn't been to one in years.)

aggie*** (11:01:18 PM): You are definitely memorable, Kiwi.

Why do people say things like that? It's kind, I guess. I still blush and flutter and don't know what to do. O_O.

I'm really tired. Running on two hours of sleep. I think I'll read for a while and then sleep. I've got letters to write tomorrow and a movie to see with Merf (The Truth About Jane, I have it).

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I forgot to mention in my two last entries.


It smelled like her. =). I miss her a lot. I won't see her until church gets started up again since we just miss the opportunity to see each other with her coming back from camp and my going to camp.

She wants me to write back. 'Course I will. I have lots of letters to write, some to people I barely know at all.

I'm also excited for Treebum's call and letter after that. Fweeeee! Kaliska. <3.