June 30th, 2006

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Yeah, so a while with no update...

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That is for The_Last_Fairy on gaia, a friend that grew on me quickly in Polls Galore. She's the kind of friend that sees me down when I comment on other posts, then makes a whole new topic to ask if I'm okay and how can she cheer me up? <3. Now she's leaving gaia, though, so I'll only be talking to her on MSN. Supposedly. When I asked her if she was going to come back and visit us with nekky mules, she said yes of course. So it's not the last of Fairy, though fairies are now extinct.

I'm glad the faeries aren't. (I love different spellings... <3.)

So. I've got the summer glooms and Mum isn't pleased with me. I've been cleaning for days and days and days. I'm on the last stretch of my room, and it's the hardest... my little technology/book nook. It's where my packrat tendancies show the most. I keep running across sentimental messages from my past, start bawling, get exhausted, and fall asleep. So after dancing while cleaning I'm soon asleep.

This isn't working out.

However, I had the MOST AMAZING creative writing/art session at Sherri's. Superb. I got to use oil pastels to draw my "sacred place"/center. So fun. I absolutely love it--it's the first time I've really used them, and I was trying for something difficult. The miniature waves of a lake lapping at the shores of a small island. I threw in some light green into the water last minute and I LOVE it. I am so pleased. I want to hang it up right now.

I'm tired from crying again, so I'm going to take a nap. It may end up being an actual sleep. I don't know. I'm going to wake up, wipe down that last surface, and put everything back. Then get the stuff out from under my desk and vacuum there a bit. Put everything back--my guitars, rainbow stuff, posters, the works. Eventually I'll get them all UP (well, not the guitars, they're not going on my wall).

Tired now. 'kaythanksbyyyye.
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